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So here is the situation. This is a Pathfinder-1e/D&D-3.5 game. I came into the game playing a dwarf bard who was awesome fun to play and likable. Then the person playing the 3.5 Healer quit because she got a new work schedule. We needed the Healer desperately. So I retired my bard and took over the Healer.

Well because of events that transpired in the game the Healer, Manika, became extremely enraptured with her god Ilmater. Inspiringly so. Manika was sweet, tender, caring, artistic and above all courageous and self sacrificing. (Oh yes, and a stunningly powerful healer pacifist)

Well we all, ended up trapped in the Darklands. Without Manika the party was doomed. (We were 4th lvl). And the campaign went on. The group rallying around Manika as their sole hope of survival. Their rock of faith and motherly safety. In such desperate straights the group began developing real feelings towards my character. The female Ranger saw her as a teacher. The Magus as a person who had his back no matter what. The swashbuckler as the one person that would always believe in her. But the rogue has truelly started to fall in love with Manika. Real love for this woman that has saved his life more times than he can count. Who has braved a Hezru Demon (at 4th lvl) to save him.

So now things are getting a bit awkward. I talked to one of female players to see if she would be interested in swapping characters, but she's not. So how do you all handle romance between characters? Mind you. Our group is very much into drama and deep RP. Also, we're all trapped in the dark with each other so there is no downtime to "fade to black". I have a feeling the the rogue very much wants to grab my character and kiss her and it's weird.


Why is this in the adventures subforum?

Also, why aren’t you talking to the other players like an adult? Have an honest, mature conversation about the stories you want to tell, and what content you’re comfortable with or interested in.

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