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Page 73: Alchemists at low levels don't have enough reagents to make more than a very small number of items, whereas at higher levels they can make significantly more. To help make those reagents last longer at 1st through 4th levels, add a limited version of the Field Discovery class feature at 1st level. "Your research field adds a number of formulas to your formula book; these are your signature items. When using a batch of infused reagents to create your signature items using advanced alchemy, you create three items instead of two.

So, is that a signature item at each level for a total of four signature items?

Each time you gain a level, you can swap one of your signature items with another formula in your formula book. This new signature item must be on your research field’s list of possible signature items."

Uh, how about identifying which items are possible signature items, please.

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No, it's 2 items from level 1 and the amount doesnt change as you level up (although you can swap one for another each level). The (.) there seperates the sentences from reasoning to actual change:

"from level 1 to 4" is there because at level 5 you start making all of your respective items at the price of 3 items per 1 ingredient already, so the ability becomes redundant at this point.

A list would be more than welcome though, since as it is now, the "list" is only the level 1 items that you can pick 2 of from the field. And this means that if you picked (as an example) alchemist's fire (lesser) at level 1 you cannot switch to alchemist's fire(moderate) at level 3.

which effectively makes the reasoning text of "we want to help alchemists at level 1-4" hilariously bad since it really only helps at level 1-2.

Imo, the intent is to be able to switch to higher grades since the text of "changing one of them each time you level up" seems to be pointing to that.

So, it IS a reasonable houserule though to allow the "same" items but of a higher grade (so moderate instead of lesser for the stuff applicable) at their respective levels.


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