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Last time I asked about erning pfs certs from 2nd ed adventures paths I was told there none available I'm curious has there been changes on that front?

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Age of Ashes is sanctioned and has been for some time.

If you're ever curious about whether or not an AP has been sanctioned, you can usually go to the first product page and check the page inserts under the adventure description for one saying that it's been sanctioned for use in organized play.


I have a follow up question I've been GMing a group and I'm the only one that has an active PFS account, how does affect my ability to report the Adventure Path?


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You can assign PFS numbers to players. Under My Account -> Organized Play -> GM/Event Coordinator, there's a button to reserve PFS numbers. Assign those to your players.

From the same tab, you should be able to create an Event. You can reuse an Event (for example, I have an Event called "Watery Soup PbP" that I use to report all my PbP games), or you can just create a new Event for every game. Once you create an event, you report a game within that event, and all the information is submitted to Paizo.

None of it will mean anything, really, until your players log in, and link their accounts with their PFS numbers.


how do I work out the value of tresure bundles?


By player level. Each player gets rewards independent of all the other players.

Level 1 = 1.4 gp/Bundle
Level 2 = 2.2 gp/Bundle

See Table 9-3 on this page.

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