Here Enough to play more than one dungeons and dragon

5th Edition (And Beyond)

In other cases, you will need: cubes (four, six, eight, ten, twelve, two sides), sold in ready-made sets, sheets of letters (you can print or write by hand), grammar books (at least basic).

Additionally, you can purchase or create miniatures from characters and monsters, a playground for more convenient battles (they are turn-based), and a nice screen for the Master (although it can fence off his record with some kind of big book).

In particularly neglected cases, if the rules have already been learned by heart, then you can just use a few pieces of paper in a box and pencil and roll the dice, download an app for your smartphone.

Number of Players
The minimum number of players is two people, captain and player. But as a rule, players ("parties") are companies of three or four people each, which is more interesting and effective. Maybe more, but that complicates the game.

An indispensable participant in the game - a leader , is the Keeper of the Underground, aka Dungeon Master, DM or just Master. His mission is to guide players through the story to the finals.

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