Quid's first impressions

Nanocyte Class

So, I went through and started making one of my characters who I'd previously done as a Vanguard. He's got an eldritch oily substance that he can control instead of his blood, so a class that keeps Con-based full BAB with some damage reduction and adds on some versatile uses sounded just right.

Going through, there were a lot of options I was passing up. Cloud was out, any weapons would be melee lashes, etc. And, it looked like it would work decently. Both classes have their pros and cons for representing him. Vanguard maybe felt a little better for building him, because there's less of a technology tie-in.

There's a cool difference, though- in both classes, there were options that I passed up automatically because they didn't fit him. The options I'm passing up in Nanocyte make me want to build other characters. The flavor here is great!

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