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Is there any possible way to add a fifth Goblin/player to We Be Goblins adventure? I have a group of five that I'm going to start running the ACG with, and I REALLY wanna play the gobbo scenario with them first.

Just curious if there is a thread or anyone who's added or knows of any way to add a fifth properly without destroying the balance ♥

Thank you

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Which adventure? We Be Heroes?
(There are a couple of other earlier ACG Goblin adventures, but I assume you mean the latest one)

If you're playing with just the Core set, you don't really want to try and build five characters out of the box. If you've got Curse as well that gives you enough cards to play with up to six characters (although you'll have to double up one of the WBH gobins, or add Fumbus).

Alternatively you can add cards from one or more of the older "Goblins Fight!" or "Goblins Burn!" boxes to the Core box. The older cards look very different, but they're compatible with the new set. That will also give you some more Goblin characters to choose from.

The ACG has balancing mechanisms built in, so you don't need to do anything else.

Yes I mean "We Be Heroes?" Sorry, huge slip of the brain when I typed that

I already picked up CotCT So I'm good on making six characters.

Ah, I can add Fumbus sure, didn't even think about that. That works out PERFECTLY.

And you say balancing mechinisms, I forgot the more heroes the more locations there are. Freaking perfect.

Sorry if it seemed silly, just trying to gather everything up and organize before sitting down and reading everything, although I don't want to spoil too much. Thank you JohnF.

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