Crazy Action Movie Characters Needed to Stop Evil!!!


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Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and drop a recruitment for another game; one that I keep hoping someone will someday pop up a recruitment for: Feng Shui. Specifically the 2nd edition (unless we have more people who have copies of the first edition of the game).

What is Feng Shui? Good question. It's a game about playing characters based on action movie archetypes (specifically Hong Kong action movie archetypes) that act as heroes, dealing with crazed sorcerers, gangsters, martial artists, and more; in short, the characters are BIG. DAMN. HEROES. (Ain't we just)

Do you have a copy I can have/peruse? Alas, I do not; I have physical copies of both editions sitting in my gaming closet in boxes, and I was reminiscing about the game recently and realized that I wanted to play it. I realize this might preclude people from joining the game, and I apologize ahead of time. I believe, however, that you can find the PDF of the rules for reasonably cheap on Drivethrurpg or the Paizo site.

What is your recruitment timetable/When does recruitment end? I'm not sure. For now, this is just an interest check. If I can get at least 4 players who have copies of the book and want to play, I will move forward with the game. If I get little to no response by this time next week, I'll close out the interest check with a negative.

Character Submission types/questions? For those of you who are familiar with the game, We will be starting in modern time and going from there. For those of you who are not familiar, each "class" is more in line with the classes of Apocalypse World: Self Contained rules (for the most part) based on action movie tropes; this means there are classes like the Maverick Cop, The Ninja, and the Old Master (and a whole lot more).

Other questions? Please feel free to ask!

Dotting for interest chief :)

Know absolutely jack about the system or the setting, but have had a cursory look at some material and could invest in the pdf.

Would be mulling a sumo wrestler possibly - his working/shikona name: Doshakuzure (which means "Landslide/Mudslide")

Not sure how a sumo/former sumo would fit into the game? Any thoughts would be appreciated

I remember playing a one shot of the first edition when it came out in my language, about... 15 years ago? xD

I'll have a look around and see if I can get the ruleset.

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Cool beans.

Quick Primer on the Rules:

So here's main mechanic in it's entirety. you have two d6's, 1 positive and 1 negative. When you make a skill roll, you roll both and subtract the negative from the positive and apply what remains to the applicable skill. Dice can "explode" (meaning if you roll a 6 on the d6 you roll again, as many times as you roll 6's).

That's the dice rolling system.

Also, your main combat skill is also your defense skill, so if your main combat skill is guns, then your rating is guns determines how hard you are to hit.

@Black Dow: It's entirely possible that you were in China for whatever your melodramatic hook is.

"What's a Melodramatic Hook?" I hear you ask! It's a 2 sentence description of the central conflict that drives your character. For some classic action movie examples, we have "they murdered my family, now I'm out for vengeance"; "My sister went missing on an expedition in the heart of mainland china"; or a really recognizable one: "They killed my dog and stole my car."

I might have to locate and break open an old box for this one. I don't remember if I have first or second edition, but I've got something tucked away somewhere. I never played a lot of Feng Shui, but what I did play was really fun.

Lost mine long ago. le sigh.

I'm dotting here! I'll have to go looking for a copy of the book but it looks interesting!

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Heard good things about this game system. Dotting in and checking out on Drivethru.

EDIT: for those potentially interested, the Feng-Shue 2 Archetype Pack is only 98 cents here and I think it has pretty much everything needed to build a character.

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Initial thoughts are of a Scrappy Kid (or maybe reskinned Killer) inspired by Damian Wayne (Robin) and/or Mindy McCready (Hit Girl) with a melodramatic hook like "Was raised by assassins/bad guy killed my mom -- now I'm trying to impress my 'dark hero' father."

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That's a pretty slick deal. Thanks for pointing that out Reckless!

Also, it's great to see some more interest. I was getting a bit worried there for a moment =)

To explain a bit more about how the game runs, there are two mechanics that I feel need to be highlighted: Mooks and the Environment:

Mooks: Mooks are the unnamed ninjas, guards, cops, soldiers, martial artists, or any other thug archetype you can think of from an action movie. There are another type of enemy: Named NPCs (which works exactly the way you're thinking it does based on the name).

A combat scene might start with a group of thugs walking down the street, harrassing and shoving people out of their way, kicking over storefront tables, and generally causing a scene. A GM might describe them like this:

As the group continues bothering anyone that passes, you can see that there are a half dozen of them, most dressed in yellow jumpsuits like something straight out of a Bruce Lee movie. Then, there's the guy in the back: standing a full head taller then the others around him, this walking wall of muscle has a permanent sneer on his face, as if everything and everyone he sees is beneath him. As the group gets closer, you hear one of the smaller guys say 'Brother Lo, it's the outsiders that I was telling you about. They're the ones that hit Kwan Yu and his boys!'

Mooks and Named NPCs are one of my favorite mechanics in any RPG, because it fits almost perfectly with the themes and styles the game is attempting to emulate.

The Environment: Unlike in other RPGs, the players have some agency about things that are in the location a fight is taking place in.

For example, imagine a construction site (a pretty common fight location in 80's movies). The GM will paint the setting with broad strokes ("As your group arrives at the site, you can see workings working throughout the night. Giant floodlights are shining on the location, allowing workers to see what they are doing. A large crane hangs over the site, currently unused. A small foreman's trailer sits off to one side near the gate, and a guard in a gate shack is checking IDs of anyone approaching the site, either on foot or in a car")

As the group approaches the scene, one of the players gets a plan and says "Well, this is a construction site, right, so it would make sense that they have all sorts of construction vehicles here. Since I'm a wheelman, I'm going to hotwire a bulldozer and start running mooks over." In other games, there's a decent chance the player would be denied; in Feng Shui, however, as long as it makes sense, you should have a reasonable chance to have it be there.

The flipside of this also applies: once someone has pulled something into a scene, it's fair game for everyone, so in the example above, maybe one of the mooks jumps in a bobcat and tries to start running over some of the PCs!

Hey there Vrog! I'm looking over the gamebook right now. Are we doing our own setting or are we going to be using the setting in the book?

We're going to be starting in Hong Kong, modern day (including the current riots/protests going on in the city; no COVID-19, however). Also, Welcome!

Alright, so none of the crazy sorcery/cyborg stuff/mutant/monster stuff then yah?

Anything from the Modern junction is fine.

EDIT: More Specifically, any of these archetypes:

Big Bruiser
Bounty Hunter
Everyday Hero
Ex-Special Forces
Full Metal Nutball
Gene Freak
Karate Cop
Magic Cop
Martial Artist
Masked Avenger
Maverick Cop
Old Master
Private Investigator
Redeemed Pirate
Scrappy Kid
Sword Master
Two-Fisted Archeologist

While these archetypes exist, I would not recommend them (for story reasons):
Transformed Crab
Transformed Dragon

Kevin Wong, a martial artist, also known as...

Three-clawed Shadow Dragon:

Kevin Wong is one of the thousands of martial arts practitioners in Hong Kong. Or he was, until a powerful Triads leader asked his master to teach his son kung-fu. Old Master Lao refused, and of course, the refusal had consequences. The gangsters cut off Master Lao's hands as a demonstration.

Wrath and old-fashioned kung-fu honour rules between master and student dictate Kevin's actions now. He's going to take revenge on the thugs and their leader, no matter the cost, and make them feel the fury of the Three-clawed Shadow Dragon (accompany this with the characteristic frothing sounds of quick kung-fu moves).

"Enter the Shadow Dragon", coming soon to theatres!

"Come here! I'm too tired to run!". The guy runs. Kevin sighs and runs after him.


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Xuè Lèi (血泪), the killer kid.

Xuè Lèi was born of a forbidden union between Tián Huā of the Hong Kong Triad and the mysterious Yè Hú, or Night Fox, a vigilante dedicated to taking the Triad down. Raised from birth to be the perfect ruthless killer by the Triad, Xuè Lèi knew neither father nor mother except for the leather strap of the Triad's discipline.

Now, at barely fourteen years of age, Xuè Lèi has discovered the tragic end to his mother's saga. The Triad identified Night Fox as the boy's father and executed Tián Huā for her betrayal.

Xuè Lèi cannot abide the Triad's murder of his mother. He must show his father he is worthy of his true legacy by dismantling the Triad- one bullet at a time.

Blood Tears, a crime-fighting extravaganza of mayhem and death!

"Sure, I'm just a kid. But this, this is a Heckler and Koch MP5. It has a capacity of thirty rounds. By my count, that's twenty nine more than I need to kill your sorry ass. Hell, probably thirty more, if I'm being honest."

Great melodramatic hook. Since you could potentially be one of three different archetpes (kid, killer, or masked avenger), which one did you take?

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Went with Killer.

Duly noted.

It's been a couple of days, so I thought I'd follow up. How're everyone else's characters coming along? Have any questions?

just poking the group again =)

Kevin and me are still here!

Good deal =)

Somehow didn't see this until now, but I'm always up for some Feng Shui. Some kind of cop, I think, but I'll have to ponder a bit.


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Likewise Xuè Lèi.

Okay, so I realized I didn't put a closing date on the recruitment (because I wasn't sure how much interest there would be).

Let's set it for 5/1, with the caveat that if I don't have 4 completed characters by then, we won't be going forward.

Oh, man, I would love to get in on this. I remember browsing through the book at the local shop and loving it. I will download the pdf tonight, whether I'm picked or not. I'd enjoy just reading it. That list of classes makes me drool!

Welcome =)

So far we have a Killer and a Martial Artist. The hard part for me is choosing only one so many of these.

I know what you mean. My personal favorite archetype is the maverick cop.

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Vrog Skyreaver wrote:

Cool beans.

** spoiler omitted **

@Black Dow: It's entirely possible that you were in China for whatever your melodramatic hook is.

"What's a Melodramatic Hook?" I hear you ask! It's a 2 sentence description of the central conflict that drives your character. For some classic action movie examples, we have "they murdered my family, now I'm out for vengeance"; "My sister went missing on an expedition in the heart of mainland china"; or a really recognizable one: "They killed my dog and stole my car."

They stole my truck - the pork truck express, after they kidnapped the fiancé of my gambling buddy...

That's what I love about that mechanic: it sums up the character's driving motivation in 1-2 sentences.

Just a couple of days left. Still need a couple of characters to go forward.

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Screw it..lll see if I can find the rules, you run a good game.

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2nd Ed?

Edit: grabbing 2nd

Ya, 2nd edition of Feng Shui.

Sorry, still nailing it down between Sword Master and Drifter!

Belay that, I'm going with Sword Master. Drifter is cool but so much of his mechanics are about being alone that it sounds less fun for a pbp experience.

A recent graduate of the Temple of Steel and Fire, a martial arts/cooking school, all I really want to do is travel from town to town and cook, but everywhere I go, I find injustice that must be opposed.

Magic Cop - Hark Ah Lien

He sees ghosts. Always has, though it was more vague impressions before. Still it was enough to help with the job, passed off as 'hunches'. Even he didn't believe it was anything magical.

Until that day. Hark and his partner were tracking down a particularly brutal hit man, but something found them first. It ripped his partner to shreds and laughed at his bullets, but as he screamed at it in rage he tapped into some power inside and sent the thing away.

The killings stopped. The case closed. Details hushed up. He's never quite known whether the brass know about this kind of thing, but he does get assigned all the weird cases now. He's tried to learn what he could, from old books and sometimes from the ghosts. They're clearer now and easier to see. He's even exorcised a few hostile ones, but nothing like what he saw that night.

He's still watching though. And wondering why some kind of monster was carrying out Triad hits.

Much delayed. I was trying to do the background in first person and it just wouldn't come out right. This worked better.
Not quite as over the top as the first two, but a cop can be a little more grounded - even with magic and monsters.

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Okay, cool. Looks like we have enough interest to move forward. I'll give people til the end of the weekend to finish up characters, and will make choices on characters if necessary Sunday night.

I'm excited to play this, and I'm hoping you all are as well!

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Big Bruiser archetype

A likeable and laconic Aussie battler, Les Norton is described as a tall, stockily built, red-haired man who doesn't mind a fight, a punt or a root. He was born in Dirranbandi (Queensland), and lived there until he was involved in a pub fight, when the local police officer told him to leave before investigators from Brisbane could arrive when he was identified as a person of interest in the subsequent murder investigation. He moved to Sydney, and ended up living in Bondi, working as a bouncer in an illegal casino in Kings Cross.

He's on holiday checking out the local sights and local girls... unfortunately Les tends to walk into trouble as often as not, if he doesn't walk into it? It goes out of its way to find him.

"Oh well, sling me a durry, and keep the piss chillin' in the Eski. I should have this Galah sorted in a minute..."

Establishing Shot
Your first Martial Arts attack of any fight gets a +2 bonus.

Mounting Fury I
IF you miss with a Martial Arts attack, you gain a +1 cumulative bonus to your next Martial Arts attack. The bonus resets to 0 after you hit, and at the end of the fight.

Very Big
You make Up Checks and gain Marks of Death only when you reach 50 Wound Points. Impairment of –1 occurs only at 40 Wound Points; Impairment of –2 at 45 Wound Points.

Strong as an ox
Add 3 to your Damage on any successful Martial Arts strike, including strikes with hand-to-hand weapons. (Damage Values for your starting weapons already include this bonus.) You can use absurdly large objects, like motorcycles, as improvised weapons. You also get +3 to all Strength Checks.

Healthy as a Horse
You get a +3 bonus to Constitution Checks.

Disadvantage: The bigger they come...
Toughness is reduced by –5 if you reach 50 or more Wound Points, until all Death Checks from this fight have been resolved.

Info: Underbelly of society (Illegal Casinos and Bouncing)†† 15

††Choose a working class occupation

Unskilled Checks use a rating of 7

Martial Arts 12
Guns 11
Defense 12
Fortune 6
Speed 5

Baseball Bat 13/5/–
Mossberg Special purpose Shotgun 13/5/4

I think I have what I need in this profile


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Okay, so looks like we have the following:

Xue Lei: Young Killer
Kevin Wong: Martial Artist
Les Norton: Big Bruiser

I'll give thejeff and Digger Chandler the chance to post their characters by the time we start tomorrow evening.

For now, I'll open up discussion so the three completed characters can pop in.

I'm here, just haven't been able to copy stuff over. Got a grant to spend $1000 bucks on my class during remote learning. That's been all my screen time.

Sword Master is ready!

Okay, Ogami can join us in the description.

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