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I was thinking making some class variants and "new" classes. So I was thinking of doing a Witch based martial class, my version of a Warlock. So the question is would you prefer a full martial(Fighter HD/BA) with 4th level magic or partial martial(Cleric HD/BA) with 6th level magic?

I was also thinking of doing Summoner variants based on other schools of magic, especially necromancy, evocation, and illusion. But could also see interesting ideas for abjuration, enchantment, divination, and transmutation as well. The question is what to call these classes, anyone have any ideas?

Witch spell list, 6-level casting; this is the cabalist archetype of the vigilante. The witch spell list wouldn't be terribly useful to a 4-level spellcaster (lots of save-based debuffs, few buffs) and you might consider something based more on hexes there. If so you might focus it around unarmed combat and hex strike, or perhaps give it a hex strike-like ability with a weapon; the hexblade, to steal a name from Wizards of the Coast.

The occultist class covers a lot of those summoner variants. If you made an archetype which gave a bonus to taking the same implement school more than once I'd say all of them.

I am going to keep the wicth spell list but add options for buffs. I am going to give a "hexblade" as a possible starting option to channel various spells and hexes through it. Other options would be a more powerful familiar, a bonded item instead of a familiar, shifter claws, kinetic energy blast, mesmerist stare ability, shapeshifting, etc.

Summoner variants

Necromancy- Undead companion, channel negative energy, control undead power, option to gain conjuration healing spells as necromancy spells, etc.

Illusion- shadow magic duplicate of your character as a companion, at will invisibility(6th level+), control/steal enemies' illusions, perception/save bonuses vs illusions, etc.

Evocation- Might just make this one my version of a Warmage. Though the idea of a companion type creature made of pure magic/energy that you create each day would be interesting.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Dotting with interest.

Transmutation- A construct type companion would be good for this one.

Enchantment- If this one got a companion it would more then likely a charmed/mind controlled creature. The Mesmerist seems to fill the enchantment niche unless I come up with something really out there.

Abjuration- A guardian spirit that partially inhabits your body and protects you even while you sleep. Though I could make this one a martial class with abjuration spell powers and supernatural abilities.

Divination- I can't see this one getting a companion of any kind. Maybe this one should mix another class together with this it.

So far my favorite class variant that I have made is my sorcerer one.

I am also working a priest(cleric variant) but that one is easy.

Some bard variants(Artist and Dancer) are also on the table.

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