SFS Season 2 Media Assault: What Have You Said? (Spoilers)

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(I've added a spoiler tag just in case criticism of the society references specific scenario content).

Aside from the green text in 2-01 Pact World Warriors, the media assault on the Starfinder Society has been mostly left up to GMs to determine what is being said. I'm curious to see what elements of the Starfinder Society my fellow GMs have chosen to attack. I think it'd be awesome if we all shared what we've said, or either verbatim or paraphrasing.

I'll start: I attack the military aspects of the society. Here are some things I've used.

In one scenario I had political pundits on Absalom Talks discussing the expanding military capabilities of the Society.
"The Starfinder fleet is resembling, more each day, the terrorist Corpse Fleet. If you look at the schemata for their new commissions, the Gorgon, the Bulette, you do not see ships meant for peaceful exploration and discovery. You see warships, spy ships, weapons that don't belong in the hands of anyone except the Stewards or the respective governments of the Pact Worlds."
"And I'd like to add on to that. The recent operation--and that's what we have to call it--operation, in the Scoured Stars system was a demonstration of force projection capabilities. Not to mention they've only recently completed retrofits to a gargantuan warship! They say it was out of respect for the society's legacy and symbolic of their reconstruction, but I'm not so sure."

More condemnations of the Society's growing militarism I've used include the following talking points:

Talking Points:
  • -Pointing out counter-terrorist and security operations on the Castrovelian continent of Ukulam
  • -Military strikes on Azlanti forces
  • -Clandestine operations on Jinsul shipbuilding facilities.

What scenarios or elements of the society's recent activities have you chosen to attack?

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