Fat Goblin Presents Fellow Travelers: Cohorts, Followers, & Hirelings

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Do you like Leadership in your Pathfinder? Do you get a kick out of bossing people around? Then this is the book for you!

Fellow Travelers: Cohorts, Followers, & Hirelings
Leadership has its perks!
Greatness and glory attract the attention of those looking for a leader to command them!

All those who accomplish great things attract followers that wish to join them in their journey. The burden of leadership shouldn’t cause problems at your game table, but instead, be a rewarding experience that helps tell the story of your adventure. In myth and legend, the trusted companion is a common theme, from Enkidu to Sancho Panza and even into today with sidekicks like Robin. These cohorts chose to follow the main characters on their journey and had an important part to play in the narrative.

The Fellow Travelers line of books from Fat Goblin Games offers new or expanded options for your Pathfinder Second Edition game all about the companions, familiars, cohorts, hirelings, and other allies we gather to us on our path through the world. Fellow Travelers: Cohorts, Followers, & Hirelings provides an all-new use for the Diplomacy skill to allow PCs to recruit followers, as well as an archetype for leaders, rules for creating your own cohorts, and a selection of NPC hirelings whose services can be hired out or recruited into followers. This is perfect for the character that wants to lead others, or the Gamemaster that wants to offer more services for downtime activities.

Check it out now!

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