Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Elf Male Paladin


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I recently bought the blister pack "Pathfinder Deep Cuts: Elf Male Paladin". The blister contains two miniatures, first one looks like a paladin of Sarenrae. I can't identify the symbol on the breastplate of the second paladin.
Here is a picture:
It looks like a spider, but i haven't found a (LG, NG, LN) god whose symbol is a spider. It looks a bit like the symbol of Rovagug, so the elf is an antipaladin?

Any ideas what god/goddess this paladin follows?

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Honestly, it looks like either a shield with wings, or just general armor frippery. I'd lean towards the latter, since that means the figure doesn't have any iconography on it and can therefor be of any deity with a bit of paint.

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