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I'm new to pathfinder and I want to make a character that uses small idols that he makes by hand. I want him to use some sorta reanimate spell to make it into a familiar then when he gets in combat he would use some enlargement spell to make the small idols into the size of a person. They would fight just as a normal familiar

I'm afraid you have wandered into the forums for the Pathfinder 2nd edition playtest. You should probably post in Advice if this thread doesn't get moved there first.

To your question: Are you planning to play in the Pathfinder Society, or will this be someone's home game? A lot of things that aren't kosher in the Society can be worked out with a home GM.

What you are looking for, throwing down idols from your hand that suddenly increase in size and attack your enemies, can be realized at level 12 at the earliest.

There are some mechanical familiar/companion options that work from level 1 if you can't wait that long. They may not satisfy this specific build concept, but they don't require spells or crafting to work.

What might be best for you is creating a magical crafting master that gets the Craft Construct feat. The Promethean Alchemist might be an interesting choice, but the Wizard is the crafting king since they have access to many spells and get a few bonus feats.

Class Feature Mechanical Buddies:
The Tinkerer Alchemist and the Clocksmith Wizard archetypes give you a mechanical familiar, which could look like a small idol if you wish.

The Construct Rider Alchemist grants a beefier mechanical friend (animal companions are far stronger than familiars), but you'd have to work with your GM on how much of a mount you want it to be.

High-Level Game (12+):
You can do something like what you want with an Arcanist, Sorcerer, or Wizard:

Shrink Item can shrink person-sized statues into idols you can carry. I don't think there is a spell/ability that lets you do the opposite of making small items big.

Animate Objects lets you make fighting partners out of objects, which can be used on your idols/statues.

Making the above spells permanent through Permanency lets you shrink/enlarge your idols at will and have your idols always ready to enter a fight. Without it, you'd have to cast Animate Objects at the start of each fight and Shrink Item at the end to make the objects a size you can carry. However, Permanency for both of these spells costs 22,500gp per idol. Also, the soonest you could possibly do this is level 12 as an Arcanist or Exploiter Wizard with the Potent Magic exploit. You'd have to wait until level 14 to do this as a normal Wizard or Sorcerer. Arcanist would likely be the best of the three for a newcomer to magic in Pathfinder.

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