My new project - Mapping Golarion's Night Sky

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Clearly.. I don't have enough to do! lol.

Seriously, though. I've always been fascinated by the night sky and I've been underwhelmed by what has been offered from official sources. So, rather than complain, I decided to do something about it. I spend far too long looking at the night sky from other systems in the Milky Way and finally found one that I think might serve as a near analogue for Golarion. (Note, I haven't checked everything, but it'll all work out - a lot of our constellations are head-scratchers, after all.)

Anyway, I'm starting a series of blog posts on the topic, beginning with the top of the sky - the Stair of Stars and Cynosure. Enjoy! And feel free to leave feedback. While this is mostly for my own campaign, I'm happy to share!


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Not sure if you have read the pirates novels, but one of the main characters is an astronomer and astrologer, so a lot of the constellations and their locations to planet orbits and such get detailed a bit more there.

I also think occult mysteries had information on a bunch of the costellations, including what they look like. There's even a community use picture found here from this blogpost

Hope that helps!

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