No Response From Deepmar (minor spoilers)


For anyone who has run it, how did you get the PCs to investigate the penal colony in the first place. You could just say they were sentenced to go there but I was thinking of doing something like Escape From New York/LA where the Chelaxian government puts a geas on all the characters forcing them to go there and solve the mystery or else. Seems to find since Cheliax is supposed to be an oppressive dictatorship.

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Why doesn't any of the ways of getting the PCs hooked presented in the adventure suit you? "You're coerced magically to go there" is about the worst you can come up with, since the PCs might be more interested in getting the spell removed than with doing what they are supposed to in the first place.

I'm using it as a supplement to Hell's Rebels in Book three. The hook is that destroying these mines would militarily impact the House of Thrune and rescuing these prisoners would help the Kintargo rebellion.

This is one of my favorites for ‘TPK replacement’. If the party ever runs into trouble with the law,,or just gets whipped, this is perfect.

They get shipped there as either prisoners or as sold slaves, and then hilarity ensues. And much better than making all new characters.

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