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Alot of complaints I have seen so far involve "I can't build x anymore". Part of my learning of any new system has been to build characters from other systems to see what can and can't be done. So I'm suggesting that we kick the modular nature of the new system by seeing what niche character types can be built.

Here is the challenge. Post a theme/archetype/trope that you'd like to see pointed out in the playtest or that you think is missing in the playtest. I'll post a version of what I could work up. I encourage others to post versions as well.

I'm aiming most characters for 5th level as that seems reasonable, as many complex characters in pf1 didn't really come online until at least a few Feats were gained. Obviously some character tropes might need higher levels but I think 5th is a good starting point.

Let's see what we can do with the modular system as it is at the moment.

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Awesome idea! I might try my hand at some builds over the weekend too... if the baby lets me :-P

Pretty basic archetype I'd like to see: Elf ranger. A lone woodland stalker who uses stealth and sniping to hunt the orcs who enter her lands. I'd prefer no animal companion for this build, since the character is a loner but also I want to avoid having her turns take too long with running two creatures.

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A somewhat out of the box challenge concept: a spellslinger wizard who uses enchanted guns to shoot spells at the enemy. (The PF1 character I'm thinking of is actually a Winter Witch with a 1-level dip in Wizard for the Spellslinger archetype. But I think a single class wizard could probably get the job done just as easily.)

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Some simple ones that seem impossible in the new version.

The Overrunner. Leveraging things like bulette rampage and siegebreaker fighter, this martial character attacks by moving through enemy occupied squares and knocking them to the floor or out of the sky. The basic design goal is to make a martial capable of hampering multiple targets in a wide area without resorting to reach weapons and enlarge spells.

The guy overrunner doesn't want to be. He has a large weapon, gets larger through spells or abilities and can attack anyone who moves within his reach sometimes twice and often with a rider on top of the damage. There's an archer version too.

Oradin or the Involutionist spiritualist with the life spirit. Essentially you heal by taking on the damage of the party and improving how well you can heal yourself. It let you treat the party's HP pool as one big one and break focus fire tactics in a way that isn't typically possible.

Summoner. Any sort of character who is valuable primarily through summoning creatures.

Familiar Rider. You're a small dude who can make his familiar large enough to ride throughout most of your career. It lets you play a mounted character without fear of needing to leave your mount behind or expend expensive resources to ship it around.

Lazy Wizard (RP). You use magic too much. You use it for everything all the time no matter how menial a task it is. Unseen servants, mage hand, and prestidigitation are your hands and your familiar is your eyes. You haven't walked since the day you learned how to ride a floating disk and its starting to show.

Proper wildshape druid. You spend almost no time in human form, probably human form, it's been awhile. You have a list of shapes that provide a wide variety of combat and utility effects and these shapes are your primary tool box for all encounters.

Mahakali. You have a lot of arms, teeth, claws, tails, wings, hooves and about everything else. Why people don't assume you are a monster is a mystery considering your charisma is 7, but maybe they just put up with you do to their inability to do otherwise.

A magus with max perform and sleight of hand (a quirky performer. a lowercase-b bard, essentially).

Thanks signature skills. I guess I can't make this come online till level... 10? (fighter, 3 wizard feats, 2 rogue feats) And I consider the 2 rogue feats just feat taxes for stuff I used to be able to get for the cost of the skill points. Signature skills really kill any RP concept that doesn't adhere to your class cliche.

This was an attempt to replicate the spirit of a level 7 character I'm already playing, and it failed the skills part of the evaluation because at level 7 and beyond skills are class gated. It's technically still possible but the feat tax is harsh just to get the mechanics to match the fluff.

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