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I just ran this for the first time yesterday, and I blundered into an unasked and unanswered question: how on earth are the PCs supposed to get into the reliquary in A7? There aren't any doors into it, let alone airlocks, and if you cut your way in the thing is going to flood. You're too low-level to (reliably?) have any of the flash teleport abilities. Am I missing something?

(My party had the serpents crack the glass, which led to five or six rounds of me inventing mechanics as they attempted to drain the room of water, which let them eventually break their way in. Which I think is an acceptable outcome, but it's clearly not the intended path!)

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When I ran it,

The PCs stopped the fishy-fish from breaking the case, then left it alone until the main thrust of the scenario was completely dealt with. Then they just fixed the rend in the hull, pumped out the water, and opened 'er up.

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