Trying to Track Down Some Goblin Info

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Hey all!

I ran We Be Goblins for a group a couple years back (and had a blast!). I'm about to do it again for a different group this weekend.

Prior to running the previous game, I know I passed around a page from a Paizo product that had what I'm almost sure was a sidebar with bullet points highlighting ten important things to know about goblins (they hate dogs and horses, love fire, etc etc). The players reading this really helped them get into that goblin-y headspace and they had a fantastic time. However, I can't seem to track down this particular list again. Does anyone know what I'm referring to?


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'Ten fun facts about Goblins'... found in the forward of Burnt Offerings, the very first issue of the Pathfinder Adventure Path line. If you have that, there you go. If you have the Anniversary Edition of Rise of the Runelords, it might be in there.

This is EXACTLY what I was thinking of! Thank you!

Here's a useful link.

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