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I'm currently designing an NPC to act as a commander of the garrison in a castle/outpost kind of thing. I'm most definitely still looking for this character to be optimized (As he will eventually come under PC control, probably.)

So far I've looked at the Castellan Cavalier (An archetype that seems woefully useless), the Strategist cavalier (Who also doesn't seem great), as well as the beastmaster and drake warden ranger archetypes. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for this kind of character?

Paladin as inspiring leader type, or maybe bard ditto.

Ranger with favored enemy (humans) and a burrowing animal companion.

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The Seasoned Commander or Tactician fighter archetypes could potentially work.

The Castellan has its strengths, but is highly situational.

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I assume you're looking at a mundane fighter type?

Because Summoner. ^_^

Have you narrowed down what you want him to be doing in combat as well as during periods of extended downtime? Are both of those relevant or is only the combat portion relevant?

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In combat the role would be situational (Though an archer or otherwise ranged class would be preferable for defending from walls) and in downtime just General base management and training (which are both purely thematic)

Thanks for the replies thus far!

Couple ideas:

Drill Sergeant Fighter is a good leader. So is Seasoned Commander, a Fighter archetype that gains Inspire Courage. I imagine either could make fine archers.

Warpriest make great archers.

If you want to avoid magic, I vote Fighter with the seasoned commander archetype.

Cavalier with a flying mount (feat).

although...... the best one? a Druid.

Daring Champion AT cavalier? Fighting on foot is better for defending a wall, and all 100+ warriors on the wall are your allies so start sharing those teamwork feats :)

Inspiring Commander is even better.
Battle Herald.

I doubt that this will be helpful to many, but some might get it.
Have you considered that your story might be more interesting if your commander is not perfect for the part, and, you know, needs help?

What about the Cavalier Daring General?

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