[GM] The Dragon's Demand - Chapter 2, I overread something the first time


Silver Crusade

Hey guys,

I will put spoilers in the first post in case someone lands on this thread by accident, but as this is a GM thread I encourage you not to use spoiler tags.
Players beware!


So. My group did the first two dungeons, threw the village a huge party and is finally allowed to go into the manor - something they itched to do from the very start, deeply distrusting the wizard.

So now they are in front of the manor and while I WILL retcon that a bit the next time there is a session (I read the suggestion of the baroness letting the priest of Abadar set up a contract so they don't steal anything - she is trusting my group, but not totally stupid) another problem occured.

See, I read through the module a few times. But seeing as we play every 1-2 months I don't have the time or motivation to reread EVERYTHING everytime we play, only the next dungeon or so. And by doing that I noticed something far too late...

That damn wizard has servants.
The whole village is missing the wizard the moment that tower crashes, nobody dares going near the manor and nowhere in the first chapter is a line like "Also, some people wonder where his servants might have gone."
So now my group will waltz in there and suddenly notice "Wait...this guy has THREE servants and NOBODY told us? We were asking about this bloody guy! Everybody told us there is no hurry as he is dead now, so even if he had evil plans they died with him! NOBODY MENTIONED HE MIGHT HAVE HAD ACCOMPLICES!"
Nothing about the servants indicates they might've been slaves (and the Hanlem does not strike me as the kind of person who has human slaves anyways), so the only options I see so far are:

  • "Oh, yeah, he had servants, guess we collectively forgot them, they are always so unassuming!"
  • "What, servants? Really? Funny that you mention it, I never saw anybody. Makes you wonder why he always bought his own groceries, if he had three healthy young fellow in there!"
  • Just admitting "Look guys, I screwed up. The information in this module are a bit spread out sometimes, so I just missed it. Just assume your characters knew he had servants, even though this makes it even more unlikely they would not have searched the place before the dust from the tower settled."

Any other bright suggestions to my dilemma?

Silver Crusade

Gonna push this because we are about to play our next session.


Sovereign Court

The servants are all local lads who were out getting drunk when it all went wrong.

Nobody wants to dob them in to the do-gooders.

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