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"So, ah, there's a lot of art out on the 'Net that has all these Vesk with horrible mammalian deformities and ah, I ah, need a better picture of ah, myself, ah, to ah, properly um... Depict me. Can ah, anyone ah, help me?"

Kraznik 'Flush' Gurdon is a brightly colored female Vesk Science Nerd (Scholar Mechanic) that kind of needs artwork. Unfortunately, due to the way most folks draw their lizard-folk, they have bits that a reptilian race would not have. She wears heavy 'Hidden Soldier' Armor and has a backpack with her Pulse Rifle and Combat Hammer hanging from the side of it, along with a knife. Of partial note is the military grade thick glasses she wears, completely selling the 'nerd' aspect.

Don't know if anyone can draw this, but figured I'd put it out here, first. This is a Starfinder character, so science-y and tech-y stuff is not only okay, it's encouraged, along with bits like toolbelts, etc.

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