Which Empyreal Lords do the Munavri Worship?

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I really like that there's at least one race down in the Darklands that aren't either competing with each other to see how evil they can be or too busy just trying to survive to care about good or evil. And I really like that there's an entire race that explicitly worships the Empyreal Lords, who I feel suffer for being a late addition by not getting much play in the setting. Most munavri are CG and thus worship the azata side of the spectrum, but which ones are specifically worshiped by the munavri? Quite a few of the choices kind of get invalidated by the fact that the munavri live underground.

Ashava and the Black Butterfly, for instance, are out because they represent the moon and the space between stars, neither of which any living munavri has likely ever seen.

Though if nothing else, I'm hoping Benorus is their biggest patron; the poor guy needs it, what with the munavri being the only major faction in the Darklands that's good-aligned as far as we know. Without them, he'd have to settle for whatever few mongrelmen, svirfneblin and dark folk go beyond their people's normal (Chaotic for the dark folk) Neutral alignments.

Huh. Now I kind of want a caligni cleric of Benorus who hopes his deity (who is, after all, a god of hidden wonders lost in the depths of the earth) can guide him to a cure for the degeneracy of his people at the hands of the owb. Eh, I'll save that idea for later.

well there's 18 CG Empyreal lords: looky here - plenty to choose from

Arqueros is probably only worshiped situationally by most, i.e. only when they're defending their cities. The protector marshal, who has the full-time job of seeing to the city's protection, is the most likely person to worship him full-time, so he probably has a lot of influence despite having relatively few worshipers.

I'm not sure whether or not Arshea would be a big deal for them. On the one hand, they're apparently very casual and open about sex because they've got bigger concerns than who's banging who and they all talk to each other mentally. On the other hand, part of that openness is also because reproducing is more important than a rigid genealogy, so those whose relationships aren't "productive" might be stigmatized and turn to Arshea for comfort.

Chadali is probably one of the big ones, given how they spend their lives sailing around the Sightless Sea; having a divinity on your side willing to nudge chance in your favor is always nice to avoid running into an urdefhan raiding party.

Keeping the peace is vitally important in very close-knight communities like most of their communities tend to be, so Seramaydiel seems a good fit.

Ylimancha is the only one we know for a fact is worshiped by them, and that one's a pretty natural fit since they live their entire lives on islands and boats, and I wouldn't be surprised if they had their own trained bats like the urdefhan.

Everyone else seems like they'd be situational or occupational. Anyone got their own ideas?

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