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So I really want to run adventure paths for PFS, but it doesn't seem entirely possible from what I've heard? Because of the way leveling works in PFS if you complete the first part of an adventure you won't be high enough level to begin the next part? And you can't play in an adventure that starts higher than your characters level?

Is this all correct? I'm aware you can run with players playing "precons" and then applying the rewards once their characters reach the appropriate level but that doesn't solve the problem is getting them to that level.

I'm confused, it really seems like there's no good way to run adventure paths without having to take a break in between each part to get the characters leveled up.

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You can do it in "campaign mode", which means you just run it normally, including with whatever house rules you want to use.

Then, when you complete a book, you can get a chronicle.

Now, it all depends on what your goal is. If it is to play the full AP and also get PFS credit, then do it this way.

If it is just to play them like modules in PFS, well, then you'll need to deal with the episodic effect that this will create.

Personally, I think you should just do campaign mode... perhaps not even bothering with the PFS credit, unless you really need that.

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