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VTT & Digital Only support
Revised: 5/30/2017

On the topic of Virtual Table Top (VTT) and Digital Only support for the new Sasquatch Game Studio Alternity game, given the information below, what VTTs & gaming software would you like to see made compatible for this game?

For my games, I use the following:

Fantasy Grounds
Roll 20

Gaming Software:
Hero Lab
Realms Work
Obsidian Portal

For Digital Only support, I would like to see SGS take a user & wallet friendly digital approach for ease of use (Cellphone, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops…) compatible with the most popular VTTs (per future surveys, with map and token support), and digital distribution platforms (like Drivethrurpg) and gaming software (like Hero Lab).

A multi-tiered approach that takes the best digital practices of companies like WOTC & Paizo, and with the aim of reaching a wide audience for this game, might be something like this:

-A free online System Resource Document (SRF) with the basic rules needed to play the game.

-A low cost “Hero Guide/lite player rules PDF” that is geared for players who are on a tight budget, primarily use VTTs, and optimized for using on digital platforms like cellphones & tablets. This would contain the basic rules, some pre-gens, game rules examples, and tokens. Anything more than that could be left for the core rulebook (like character creation and complex or optional rules).

-A Core Rulebook PDF, with both color and printer friendly options.

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Richard Baker Collaborator on April 4
Two reasons, really. First, it helps contain the cost a bit -- a standard-sized book with the same content would have pushed us toward a $50 MSRP, and we wanted to keep the Core Rulebook a little more accessible than that. Secondly, a digest-size book is a lot friendlier for viewing as a PDF. As you can see, a lot of backers prefer the PDF-only option, so we're trying to keep their table experience in mind.

Richard Baker Collaborator on April 16
@ Jeremy -- We haven't given a lot of thought to a "lite" version yet, other than making a Quickstart Guide available (and as I noted before, we'll tweak that to make sure it aligns with the final rules when we get to that point). A player-focused Hero Guide at a lower price point is an interesting idea. We'll take a look at that.

Sasquatch Game Studio LLC 5-time creator on April 26
@Alex - Yes, we plan to include the maps for personal use in VTTs. Which VTT do you use?

[21:23] <+Teebone> KS comments recently ask about VTTs, how aware of you are on the RPGs being played in all digital format, and how will you support this?
[21:25] <+SasquatchStephen> Very aware of VTTs. We were among the first 5e products on Fantasy Grounds with our Primeval Thule setting, and we’ve made it a priority to do things like layered or untagged maps in the PDF products to help in that regard
[21:27] <+SasquatchStephen> In our next beta survey, we’ll be asking about what sort of VTTs our backers might be using, to get a sense of how many will be playing remotely or with a screen nearby

Now that the playtest is out and people are running the game, is there anyone here who is running a Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds game that is open and looking for players? I have weekends afternoon and nights for playing (EST). :)

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