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Alternity 2nd Setting
Revised: 5/23/2017

On the topic of what will be the second setting for the new Alternity game, given the information below, what would you like to see as options for the second official setting?
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$55,000: When we get this far, we'll create a new set of adventures set in another brand-new setting. We'll get your feedback on the genre - whether it's dark alien conspiracy, post-apocalyptic wastelands, or some other cool universe, and make an episodic adventure anthology based in that setting. Much like the Protostar Mission Guide, this stretch goal will be Season 1 of a brand new story!

Richard Baker Collaborator on April 19
@ Abhishek: Regarding Thunder Run, it's one of the strong contenders for Setting 2, but we're not quite ready to announce that stretch goal. (First things first: let's fund!) We plan to solicit some backer input about what that second setting ought to be when we put it on the board -- there are a zillion things we *could* do for a second setting, after all.

Sasquatch Game Studio LLC 5-time creator on May 3
@Sean - We've got a couple of settings that we'll pitch to backers, and let you vote on which one you'd like to see. The pitches are informed to a degree by the responses we've had on our beta test survey, where we'd asked what sort of sci-fi genres Alternity should be used for. While there is a range of responses, a few stood out, like post-apocalyptic setting, alien conspiracy/Dark Matter, space opera, and cyberpunk..

Richard Baker Collaborator on May 9
@ Teebone: We're still investigating some post-Kickstarter management tools for pledge adjustments, "slacker backers," and so on. Really just waiting on a little more information from a vendor or two. We've also got a plan for the setting 2 voting process. So, nothing to report *today*, but we should have some news soon!

[–]dmshoeSasquatch Game Studio[S] 2 points 26 days ago
Thanks for backing!
1. Conceptually, we're looking at the Protostar Mission Guide as a series of episodic adventures that comprise a "season" of story. Season 1 is part of the funded kickstarter, and will have 6 to 8 episodes within it. Season 2 would be the next series of adventures set in that universe.
2. We definitely want to show off the breadth of the Alternity system with a second campaign setting, and it is essentially an unannounced stretch goal. We'd probably lean toward post-apocalyptic or alien conspiracy for the genre, but we're also going to get feedback from backers to see if there's a general preference there we can satisfy.

[–]SeattlePhanSasquatch Game Studio 3 points 26 days ago
I had a ton of fun writing up that adventure . . . and the pregens, too. I'm not sure Eastern Washington is "big" enough for a post-apocalyptic setting, but it was fun to write about places I'd actually driven through. In the campaign pitch video, Steve suggested Mad Max on a planet with alien ruins . . . that sounds like a blast to me!

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For the second setting I would like to see one of the following:

A) A future post-apocalyptic collapse of an interstellar empire due to a galaxy wide event (a devastating interstellar or civil war where WMDs were used indiscriminately, an alien invasion from another dimension that wasn’t stopped, a machine uprising where the organics lost…), and where the survivors struggle to rebuild (on a planetary and system wide scale).

Key elements will be the collapse of society, the loss of technology, environmental devastation, competition for scarce resources, terror of things that go bump it the night, and the struggle to fight back against hopelessness/despair and to rebuild.

Base Modules: Core + Starship + Vehicles
Setting Modules: Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic + Low Tech + Horror +Mutation

B) A future galactic scale “multiple empires on the brink of war” setting, where no one wants to be the first to shoot/get ganged up on/loose profits, so everyone fights their war in the shadows with “deniable assets”.

Key elements will be an emphasis on politics, economic rivalries, espionage, black-ops missions, threat of major war, a high degree of augmentations (cybernetics, biotech, nanotech), computer technology (Matrix) and powerful competing corporate/alien empire power blocks.

Base Modules: Core + Starships + Vehicles
Setting Modules: Social Interactions + Espionage + Special Ops/Black Ops + Virtual Reality/Cyberspace + Augmentations (Cyber, Bio, Nano)

I have no interest in Alien Conspiracy/Secret Societies themes (X-File, Dark Matter), Space Opera themes (Star Drive, Star Wars, Star Trek) or Science Fantasy themes (Numenera, Starfinder, Shadowrun, Dragonstar, Warhammer 40K) as a second campaign setting.

Anything else I can design my own campaign setting with the tools that Alternity RPG will provide or I can already get from another SF RPG already on the market that is tied to that IP specifically.

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