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And here is the character/journal section for the second group I will be running through the Strange Aeons Adventure Path. I would write what I posted in the other post but I am lazy. :) Enjoy!

Hello? The nice young men lead me away from that nasty Elf. And I've found myself in a more comfortable room. My roommates are much appreciated, no elves. More to come I just wanted to be first to say hi.

Oh? Stats and what not. Okay here I am.

Name - Xejen Ursal. Human

STR - 12
DEX - 13
CON - 12
INT - 14
WIS - 14
CHA - 15

NG Cleric of Desna. I'll be split class as a cleric/rouge.

Dotting this one too.

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Yay! More of Useplanb's threads to meddle with!

Grand Lodge

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I will admit there is a giant difference between group compositions.

I have a Paladin (Oathbound[corruption I believe]), Cleric/Rogue, Swashbuckler/Occultist and a Druid in this group. Hopefully they will get here soon and introduce themselves.

It wouldn't be a Useplanb post without your input there NobodysHome. :)

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Nobodyshome, glad to see you. Your comments are always welcome. I just wish I could tease that elf a little more. I will miss not playing with Moxie's alter ego this time around. But I do look forward to Thincolors Oflight's posts and story.

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Aw, you should have spoilered! :-P

I was going to try to guess "former Moxie" by the writing style.

Ah, well, now I know who to cause trouble to!

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The writing style is distinctive enough I suspect you would have figured it out quite quickly, NobodysHome. Also, there will be vast amounts of entertainment from that character, I think.


I was told there would be others. As of now I only see the white coats that bring me food and meds. Alone, alas always alone. Where am I? Who am I? Desna, please don't let me die here...alone.

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I'm here!

Or am I?

And who am I?


Name - Whakan
Human Male Shoanti Druid


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Oh good, finally someone other than the white coats to converse with. What ever you do don't decide to venture out near the pavilion on the Eastern wing. The inhabitants there are of the "Elven" lineage. Nasty, bitter. "Yes, mean."

We'll met sir. Have we been introduced? Yeah I know what you mean, I can't recall much of recent years or events either.

"Zah-jen's, the name." spelled with an "X". Xejen Ursal, but you can call me "The Jen" or just "Jen" or even Ursal. Just don't call me Sal. I knew a Sal once and she wasn't a happy person. She wasn't a happy anything.

Whakan? Just Whakan. That's easy enough. Where are you from, Whakan? I'm originally from Eran's Rest. A beautiful mountain village, on the eastern side of the Ghorcha Pass overlooking the Adghain Valley. In Ustalav, the Ammans region. Yes, a picturesque village of goat herders and weavers. I think of it as the heart of Ustalav.

Sorry, I ramble sometimes. Tell me more about you, Whakan. Sit, sit and tell me how you got here. Do you know where here is? Me either. Would you mind passing me that piece of bread. Thanks. Now, continue...

Nobody, look we have us yet another friend. Seems a bit shy. Is that bird droppings in his hair?

Nobody, may I call you, Nobody?
Anyway, stay clear of those "other guys". Looks like that Elf has found himself an "animated" chirurgeon. If you know what I mean.

(Pacing back and forth across the dimly lit room, muttering to himself)

Why am I here?

Why am I here? Why. Am. I. Here!!!???

(Glances up at the others in the room, lost in their own confusion)

Something just isn't right. I don't belong here with all of these crazy people.

I think.


Maybe, I'm wrong. Maybe I did do something...

What did I do?

What did I do? It must have been bad...

Got to remember!

It's the only way out ... remember why I'm here. Remember what I did.

(Yells out to no one in particular)

"We've got to remember! Got to do better. Got to BE better. It's the only way out ... the only way."


Richter Brandt
Oathbound Paladin – Corruption
Human, male, follower of Sarenrae

Str: 15
Dex: 10
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 15

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Wow, who pulled that guy's string? I liked him a lot better when he was asleep. I didn't even notice him before he started talking to himself, or is he talking to Nobody. Yes that's probably it. Nobody's got him all worked up for some reason. If all he wants is out then I could help him. But he will need to chill just a little before I even talk to him.

Ah, Uhm, sir...sir. Are you alright? If you like I can see if I can get you moved to a nicer room. The fellows in the white coats seem to like me and I'm positive they will help you in whatever it is that has upset you. I was a little edgy when I first arrived, or woke, not sure what it was but what I'm telling you is that the white coats are here to help us. They've told me that time and time again.

And it's true they rescued me from an over bearing "mean as a hornet" elf just the other day and brought me here. But I have a feeling that I had left here for some cake and ended up with that elf. I think they were surprised that I had left. But I don't remember why. Anyway they gave me some medicine and it helps keep me calm. Would you like me to call them and get you some "calm me down pills"? No? Okay but I'm telling you they work.

That's fine don't yell at me. I'll help you. I even think I've helped you before but I'm not sure when. I think that quiet sad fellow over there is with us as well. His name is Whakan.

Oh dear, I haven't introduced myself, but you were shouting and carrying on so that I forgot my manners. My name is... Xejen? That's right how did you know? You don't know, you just know? That doesn't make sense. None of this makes any sense. And you are? Richter, Richter Brandt. That does sound familiar but so far away like a memory lost or just out of reach...strange. Perhaps we do know each other. Do you know a loud nonstop talking all kinds of nonsense elf? No? Well that's probably for the better. Let's wake up these two. Two? Who is that? That is Whakan but who is the other guy? I know it's not Nobody, he's completely made up and in my "thread", soooo who is that. (Points to an unconscious, undetermined lump of humanity) :^)

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Poppa Pepper
Swashbuckler of the Inspired Blade
Human, male, unknown age and parentage

Str - 10
Dex - 16
Con - 10
Int - 15
Wis - 12
Cha - 14

Bare feet pounding hard, ducking fast to the right and then left, under a cart, and leaping over a stack of bolts of imported silk, I run hard along the docks and through the markets of the Shackles ignoring the angry shouts behind me. I have no idea what is in the neglected parcel I have snagged, but I am sure it will buy some favor as a gift to one of my maybe-mothers in the Red Latern. With luck, I will win a little meat with my meal, something other than fish, tonight. One never knows...

I pace left, then circle right three times, finishing with hopping three times on my left foot. I let out with a loud cock's crow. My childhood memory, unbidden, swiftly fades as I desperately try to remember the pattern. One again, barefoot and ingnoring shouts from my cell mates, I try to recapture the memory itching in the back of my mind. I know there is some form, some ritual, to my seeming madness. If I can just find it, my head will clear and the past five or so years will return to me.

I am close to whatever it is. I dance a little jig humming loudly, swaying left and right all loose boned, like I have been in the noon day sun too long with a belly full of rum. I smell the salt air of the sea even though I am locked in some madhouse waiting for a chance to make a break. Close, I am sure I am close to whatever charm or hex I need to break the spell. Glimpses of my childhood and of the sea upon the deck of a black ship guide me.

The only thing I remember for sure is waking here with grey in my beard that never was there before. I've lost something of myself, and a salty pirate won't stand for such magical mischief. I'll find my sword, my boots, and my fine feathered hat and take back that which is mine. Stagger, stagger, stumble, roll, turn around and chant some dark sounds which I know mean something, but what I do not know. Probably just cursed someone. Who knows?

I will have to sleep lightly tonight, or my cell mates will pummel me on a matter of principle. I would if such a lunatic was taking up all the space prancing about like an addled loon. Maybe I should give it a rest for now, and see if howling at the moon helps. The silvery light might reveal some clue or trinket to lead me on my way.

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Xejen Ursal wrote:
Nobody, look we have us yet another friend. Seems a bit shy. Is that bird droppings in his hair?

Why are you sitting there, talking to Nobody?

Are you mad?

Yes, quite mad indeed. To think you're my dose of sanity. A bodiless voice. Today is the day. Will Nobody come with us on our journey? I hope so, I'd hate to think we left him in that (this) place. We have all the players now and we will meet as soon as we wake. And when we wake the Nightmare begins....

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Xejen Ursal wrote:
Yes, quite mad indeed. To think you're my dose of sanity. A bodiless voice. Today is the day. Will Nobody come with us on our journey? I hope so, I'd hate to think we left him in that (this) place. We have all the players now and we will meet as soon as we wake. And when we wake the Nightmare begins....

Always remember... Nobody is following you.

Absolutely Nobody.

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Nobody cares. Nobody gives a damn! (I'm thinking bumper sticker for you...)

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I was in a heated debate with Nobody. He was telling me that I had condemned the world and I was hotly protesting that I had saved the world, I did not condemn it. Well, maybe I condemned it, but by doing so I had actually saved it. He was not buying my argument. I said look we condemn men all the time to save them from either themselves or others and so, in doing this we save them, us.

"You don't save a deer from a bear by killing it first do you?" Nobody retorted. He thought he had me with that but I came back with "But the bear didn't get to kill it and if I would of let the bear kill it, it would of suffered. So isn't it better that I killed it without the suffering?" Nobody sighed, then looked passed me to one of the white coats that had stopped by our room. I joyfully engaged the white coat and asked if it was not better to die quickly rather than to suffer? The nice white coated man looked at Nobody then at me and said "That's not for you to decide, your time will come, soon." Then he walked away.

That was strange I said to Nobody. "Very" said Nobody. I looked out the window to a bright sunny day. No, the sky wasn't sunny. The sky was yellow? As I looked at the sky, it grew darker and more fog like. I felt as if I were moving towards it. I stared at the yellowish mist and wondered how I had gotten out of my room again.

I walked in the now thickening fog looking for Nobody but I was alone, the walls of my room had been replaced by the stone walls of some building. What? I was in an alley now and the fog made it difficult to get my bearings. I shouted for Nobody but there was no sound. Then I saw others moving through the fog. I slowly moved towards a figure closer to me. As I did, it just ran right passed. Kind of a pirate looking fellow. No parrot though. He looked worried, as he ran passed me so I followed him.

What was he up to? I thought. Then I heard heavy foot falls behind me and I felt pursued. Some doom had fallen upon me and it caused me to run faster. After the pirate I ran. Was he running from this doom as well? Nobody was gone and all that remained was pirate and I. He turned left at the alley's intersection with me on his heels. This alley had no windows or doors just walls like that of a maze. I like mazes. Then another man, no two more men were with us but they were not the Doom that still followed. The pirate cursed and jumped about swearing. We had run into a dead end. The ally had ended and there was no place to run. Just then I turned to see the fog give way to a thin tall wraith of a man and for a moment I thought I was in a mountain pass back home but no, still in this alley, this maze, this trap.

The tall thin gaunt man wielded a large straight razor. I did not like the look of him and I froze. One of our men rushed the gaunt figure and the fog engulfed them both. A sickening sound came from the fog and a severed head rolled to my feet and the dead eyes looked up and the disembodied head says "ME". I do not want to be here.

A second man rushes passed me to engage this horror. Again the fog encloses them and the same sickening sounds of a fight. Another severed head and somehow it whispers "UP". There is blood on the alley wall that reads "save" and the third man, my last friend, lunges towards the sinister foe. fog again engulfing them both and another sickening sound and his head at my feet says "Wake".

I feel a slight tug on my throat, warmth runs down my neck. The thin razor's blade coated in my blood flashes passed my sight and I am doomed.

I sit straight up from my bed. My soul on fire and my body dripping in sweat. Only a dream I thought.

My room is dark but there is a candle right over there through the bars. Bars? Where am I? Caged? No, I'm in a cell. The floor of my cell is covered in old moldy hay or straw. A strong urine smell invades my senses. There is a table and one of the white coats walking around it but before I call out to him, her. I notice she's cutting on a man laying on the table, running, what appears to be half of a pruning shear, into and along his thigh. The man is out of breath from just shouting at me to wake up. It dawns on me that he must of been the words from the severed heads in my dream. near the candle I can see items meant for cutting of flesh. Broken glass sharp pieces of metal, all kinds of things used for, I could only guess, torture. As my eyes started to be able to see in the dim light, I saw across from me another cell. and in it were two men from my nightmare. The pirate and another. They had no close other than their small close but I still recognized the pirate.

The man on the table screamed as the nurse cut into his flesh again. "Help me." he cried. I desperately looked for something in the straw to help me unlock the lock on my cell door but there was nothing. The man freed one of his legs and kicked the nurse into the bars of the cell across from me. One of the men, not the pirate, tried to grab her to no avail. She recovered and started to cut but the man kicked her yet again. And again she was up against the other cells bars but this time some keys had been dislodged from her person and came skittering to a halt right in front of my cell just in reach. She again recovered from the assault of the men in the cell and with a vengeance began slamming the shears into the man on the table. The sound was much like the sickening sound from the alley. I quickly unlocked my cell and ran across to the other and gave the keys to those men stuck in the cell.

I ran to the table and picked up a sharp item to defend myself with. The others were freeing themselves. It was then as I was picking up an item that I noticed yet another cell that was next to mine but couldn't see before. In that cell was the fourth man from my dream. The four of us had all been in the dead end alley together. I started to question my sanity. I don't know what is real and what is dream. I looked for Nobody but he wasn't there. Behind me there is a scuffle and someone opens the cell door of the fourth man. Noticing that he is rather large I handed him my would be weapon. After receiving the makeshift weapon the big man and the others started to attack the nurse. Two of the men chased her down a dark hall.

I was thinking "let her go, we're free. But they were full of vengeance and followed her. I heard a door slam shut and decided to get the candle from the table so I could see. One of the men went the opposite way again into the dark. Maybe they can see I thought, but I can't. The man that went to my right was rummaging in the dark so I said let's cut this candle in two so we can find a way out. No sooner had I said that, the man on my right grabbed the candle from me and deftly cut it in twain. I was about to say don't let the flame go out but it was already in two and he handed the unlit half to me so I could expose the wick. I did this with out much to do and we lit the second half. He went back to the right saying that he had found something familiar. Familiar?, I thought what about this place could be familiar?

Having a light source I headed down the hall to where the two had chased the nurse. The door was already open and the two men were fighting something new. A tall pale creature with huge claws for hands and it was getting the better of them. I entered the room and was assaulted by a smell of death and decay, unimaginable rot filled the area. I quickly moved to the left only to be surprised by a chained wild cat of sorts. A young cat but not of the house hold type if you get my meaning. I stayed close to but out of reach (I hoped) of the cat. One of the men went down and I ran to him for an unknown reason and I said a prayer to Desna and healed the man I Healed the other man too as they were not faring well against this foe.

There were bloated dead bodies in a heap and we were walking over them to fight. They oozed and made horrible noises as we did. I could see what appeared to be stairs going up to another level. I thought that's probably where the nurse had gone. There was a hole in the wall behind me that resembled a coal shoot. The third man appeared and the three of them were able to kill the strange being. I healed them as much as I could. While I was doing so they told me that the nurse had changed into the creature and one of our men went up the stairs, only to return saying that the way was blocked by rubble. We needed to find another way out.

During this time we also discovered that one of the men had picked up a sack full of little items, a couple of the items felt familiar to me. There's that "familiar" again. What is going on, I thought. I understood that the holy symbol of Desna would feel familiar to me but why would a set of lock picks also seem to belong to me? None of the other men stopped me from picking them up, so I did. The other man with the candle showed us to the place he had discovered and we all started picking threw a pile of armor and weapons each of us taking what "felt" right for us.

When we got dressed I recognized these men from my nightmare. The Pirate, a wild man (who also claimed the cat as his) and a knight or holy guard no a Paladin of Sarenrae. And me, I looked like a sneak thief. The men all looked "familiar" to me and me to them but we could not fathom why. I never looked at the man on the table, fearing it was Nobody.... and I couldn't bare the thought of losing my only friend. I thought, "No, it's not him."

I was brought out of my deep fear to the group discussing how to exit this place. We decided to look around together. We only had the two candle halves and they weren't going to last long. We found a furnace of burnt bodies with a chimney that might prove a way out or the other option was to try and go up the coal shoot. We decided on the chimney. We rested here for a while so I could pray to Desna for some spells. While at rest the cat had come up to me and mewed, unconsciously I reached to scratch it behind it's ears. It backed away and I felt stupid for trying to touch a wild animal. But again, it felt "familiar". It went back to the wild man. And I continued my prayers. After I received Desna's blessing I was able to heal some of the worse wounds. The paladin and I had to remove our armor to better make the climb. I went first. As we reached the top we found ourselves in a "boiler room". There were lights shining from under a large tank and as soon as we all climbed into the room two huge rats, "HUGE" rats, attacked us, and another creature with lights shining from it's eyes. We killed them pretty quickly. Under one of the tanks we found two sunrods. The wild ma...Druid had his cat fetch them. The cat looked put out at this and the rest of us found it funny. The Paladin fed it some ration meat and it took it without hesitation. The was only one door out of this room and I checked to see if it was locked or trapped. All followers of Desna do this I'm sure. I found nothing suspicious on the door so the Paladin opened it and walked into a lit hall. I could see another door right across from us but the Paladin had stopped and came right back into the room. "There are guards out there" he said and they have crossbows aimed right for this door. "Guards" I thought "Great we're saved." I stepped out into the hall with my arms in the air. I immediately regretted my optimism. The guards didn't want anything to do with us. They asked me who I was and as I was about to tell them, it dawned on me and out loud I said "I don't know." I told them I had just escaped from a prison or torture room. And one of them, an in charge kind of fellow berated me, saying that I could be a doppelganger. Oh, that's what that was. We told him (the Paladin had joined me in the hall by this time. Telling the guard the same thing at the same time) That we were in a dungeon with cells and one of these doppelgangers was there too and the cells were below us. He just said that the only thing through that door is a boiler room. He also told us that they had been repelling any doppelganger that came down this hall. And since they can change into any form he wasn't about to let us pass. I asked where we were and he said that we were in an asylum the Briarstone Asylum, to be exact. "Oh great" I thought "how long have I been in this place."

I recalled the men in white jackets and an horrible nasty elf and my friend Nobody. At that moment my head started to hurt. What had been real and what was dream, I had no way of knowing. Again I was brought back from the brink by the voice of the Paladin agreeing to bring three doppelganger heads as proof we were not one of them. I sat on the ground, legs crossed, I thought, three heads, how are we going to get three heads. The Paladin said that there were a couple of other men with us and he would go and get the head of the dopple...thingy that we had already killed. He'd be right back. "He better be right back" I thought. I sat there for an eternity waiting for the Paladin to return. While sitting there I came up with names for my comrades. The pirate could be Pi, the druid could easily be Drew, his cat, of course, would be Evo and the Paladin could be Pal or Palad, something like that. For the life of me I couldn't think of a name for me.

It didn't matter by then Pal had returned and threw the head of the doppel towards the guards. "Three heads" the guards shouted. (A@#~+@&s) Pal told them we would go hunt for more and would return when we retrieved them. Great, time to get up. We slowly walked down the hall. The guards were nasty but I missed their company when they were no longer in sight. There was a door on our right. Pal opened it and jumped back away from the door shouting "Centipedes!" What a baby I thought to myself as I went into the room to step on these centipedes. Centipedes may butt. These giant three foot long if not bigger centipedes took no time in biting the crap out of me. I was immediately pushed aside by Pi, Drew and Pal, as they killed the "centipedes". It's here that I regretted not saying thanks for their help.

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Nobody cares! And we care for Nobody!
See you get to be part of this adventure now. Welcome to the asylum.
Welcome to the Nightmare!

Lint wrote:

Nobody cares! And we care for Nobody!

See you get to be part of this adventure now. Welcome to the asylum.
Welcome to the Nightmare!

May their sanity forever flag!

I wouldn't want to cease existing, now would I?

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I found myself in a horrible dream where I was being chased down a narrow alley through a thick fog, pursued by some unnaturally thin creature wielding a wicked razor. I wasn't alone in the dream. There were others there, some running, some turning to fight, all of us dying quickly at the hands of the creature. I reached for my sword, and found it in my hands. I moved forward to attack as another of the strangers fell with a sickening crunch that no one could survive. It attacked with a savagery that tore heads from bodies and covered the walls in blood. There were words, both whispered and scrawled in blood ... save me, wake up. They were spoken by the severed heads, and shaped from the blood of my companions as they died, until it was my turn. The creature stepped forward from the concealing fog and I had just enough time to see the flash of the razor and feel the cut and the resulting warm spray of blood... save ... me ... wake ... up!!!!

I awoke from the dream, into an even worse nightmare. It was the screams of a man tied to a table in front of me, barely visible in the dim light from a candle, that woke me from the dream. He was being cut and prodded by a woman who seemed to be enjoying the process all too well. It was his voice yelling for aid, for someone to save him, that had brought me back to consciousness.

As my senses recovered, I became aware of my surroundings. Cold stone, darkness, metal bars. A bleak cell of some type. I grabbed the bars and started yelling for the woman to stop the torture. I shook them and screamed until she finally looked up, seemingly annoyed by the interruption.

"You're next," was her icy reply. (I swear her face twisted into the visage of a demon as she spoke the words.)

I began to yell that she was a devil and a monster and once again shook at the bars holding me captive.

I saw the man use the break in her concentration to kick wildly with a free leg. His blow struck her solidly and drove her back into another cell. At that time I became aware that I wasn't alone as other arms reached to grab at her through bars of cells previously unseen in the dim light. The woman fought herself free from the grabbing arms, only to be kicked again by the man on the table. The second blow spun her again into the metal bars behind the table, and I heard and saw shadowy voices and arms reach out again to grab at her.

She again broke free in an angry outburst, driving herself forward to the side of the tortured man on the table and stabbing him repeatedly with the rusty metal instrument in her hand. In the confusion I saw that other prisoners in the cells behind her had freed themselves. Some were running to escape, while others moved to strike at the woman with improvised weapons from the torture table near the man.

The next moments were complete chaos as shapes clashed and people yelled in the flickering light from the only candle. It was hard to tell what happened, but I found myself face to face with a stranger who used a key to open the lock on my cell. I immediately joined the fray, trying to overpower the devil woman in a wild melee.

I can't say exactly how it happened, but someone handed me a rapier that I used to attack the woman. My senses were still blurred from whatever had affected me and I stumbled through the fight, eventually surrendering the rapier to another man who said it was his.

The woman managed to flee through a heavy wooden door that stopped our fight briefly. We shoved and pounded and eventually broke through. The room on the other side was almost completely dark and smelled of rotting flesh and was filled with the buzzing of flies. The devil woman was unnaturally strong and fought like a cornered animal. The darkness seemed not to affect her as she landed blows with wicked claws as her appearance shifted from a woman to the gaunt creature from the dream. The result was the same as I found myself wounded and staggered, and falling in and out of consciousness again as the fight continued without me.

Eventually my companions must have been able to kill the creature, as I awoke again to find one of them crouched near me, asking if I was able to stand. My mind was still fogged with all of the events and the battle, and it was hard to tell what was real and what was a dream.

I became aware that there were three others with me in the room, along with a large feral cat of some type. The cat seemed to be the companion of one of the men, and wasn’t a threat. The four of us asked questions and all struggled to remember even simple things beyond the recent fight. None of us could even recall our names, but we all agreed that we seemed somehow familiar to each other.

A brief search of the rooms resulted in the discovery of our personal items, including clothing and weapons scattered in a dark corner away from the cells. We each equipped ourselves as best as possible before attempting to escape the prison by climbing up a soot-filled chimney in a room that had been used as a furnace to burn bodies. It took some time and effort to make the climb, but we eventually found ourselves on the main floor of some stone building or keep. We could hear the sound of a rainstorm outside.

I volunteered to check the surrounding hallway and found myself confronted immediately by soldiers armed with crossbows. I ducked back into the room and yelled that we meant no harm. It took a few minutes of tense conversation but we eventually convinced their leader that we were not the enemy. However, they refused to let us pass because of the threat that one of us was another of the shapeshifting devils. They stated that the only way we could prove it to them was to bring them three heads from the creatures. The first one was easy, as I climbed back down the chimney and retrieved it from the basement prison. The second and third would require more work, so we set off back down the hall away from the soldiers in a bid to prove our worth and trust.

I awoke in a cell with another man. Only remembering the horrible nightmare I had just suffered through. This man seemed familiar to me, but my thoughts were interrupted by a bloodcurdling scream coming from outside my cell. As I looked out through the bars the man hid behind me as if he already had seen the horrors of what was happening outside.

A man was tied to a table in the center of the room surrounded by various sharp objects. A woman was dancing around the table stabbing him with one these sharp objects while he lied there screaming for help. She only stopped once another prisoner had the guts to start rattling his cells bars and scream at her telling her to stop. As soon as her attention was turned away from the man on the table he took the chance to kick her away from him with the ounce of energy he had left.

She landed against our cell where attempted to grab her and hold her tight against the bars I shouted to my cellmate to grab the keys from her but he acted too late and she got loose of my hold. As she backed towards the table the man kicked her again sending her flying towards our cell again. When we grabbed for her keys it seemed they had been knocked loose off her body and were thrown across the room towards the cell directly across from us.

After this kick the woman went into a rage stabbing the man until he was far past dead, even then she continued. She was so engaged in this bloodlust that she did not see the cell across from us unlock and the person in it come across to unlock ours. When our cell was unlocked, I grabbed a broken weapon from the table and used it to distract the woman while my savior went over to the last cell and unlocked it. This woman attacked me and brought me close to death. Once she realized that the others had escaped too she fled through a hallway and into another room.

The other escaped prisoners ran after her but were unable to follow her through the wooden door for a while. During this time, I looked for actual weapons we could use to kill this woman. I found some ones that looked familiar to me in the rubble of a collapsed part of the room and brought them over to the rest of the group. That’s when they finally got the door open.

Upon entering the room the smell of death was in the air and many bloated, dead bodies could be seen. Chained in the corner was my cat, which I immediately went to free. While I was doing this everyone else went to fight this woman. When I looked back I saw them fighting the thing from my nightmare instead of the woman. One of them soon passed out from their injuries and my cat and I took their place.

Eventually this thing died and myself, the cleric, and my cat were left standing. The paladin and pirate recovered from their injuries and we went about figuring out how to leave this evil place. We found the rest of our gear and a chimney in the room they burned the dead bodies. Our group climbed up the chimney and found ourselves in a boiler room. When we left the room, we were confronted by guards with crossbows. After a brief interrogation from the guards we were tasked to bring the heads of three of the kind of monster we just fought. The Paladin climbed back down the chimney and retrieved the monster’s head. We then adventured down the hallway in search of more of these horrifying monsters.

The nightmare continued as we went back into the ruins in search of more of the shape-changing creatures. We found places where the walls and ceilings had collapsed, blocking our progress. Outside the rain continued and the sky remained clouded with the yellow fog. We eventually obtained the grisly trophies needed to assure the guards we were not the monsters ourselves.

The guard captain agreed to let us through the barricaded door and into the chapel where he introduced us to their leader, a female cleric called Winter. They made us all disarm before entering. Inside there were other refugees trying to escape the suffering. She told us the asylum was located in Ustelav which was a surprise to all of us. We all still had no memory of how we had come to be in this place. After convincing her that we could be trusted by helping with the other victims and providing food and water, she eventually agreed to let us regain our weapons and gear.

She told us of problems arising from a religious cult that had spread throughout the lands, bringing with it a group of cultists who created confusion and spread suffering along with their religion. Some of their members and victims were still within the walls of the asylum and Winter asked us to help her deal with them. We set off again and found aand crazy man chained along with a half-devoured corpse and the other poor soul who had been eating on the corpse. We killed the cannibal and released the insane survivor who continued to babel about "Xandalus" watching and seeing all. When we returned to the chapel and met with Winter, they showed us a new horror hidden behind a curtain in a nearby hallway. Behind the curtain there was a brick wall that was unremarkable except for the HUGE EYE that seemed to grow out of it! The unnatural manifestation watched us and filled us all with a sense of dread. We tried collecting wood and starting a fire under the eye, but it didn't work. Eventually, Winter and our new cleric friend channeled religious energy that affected the "haunt" as they called it, making it disappear. This drove the crazed victim we had found earlier farther insane and he bolted through the opening.

After exploring the ruins for quite some time we came across three of the monsters we were looking for, two already dead and one disguised as a nurse.Once we got back to the checkpoint where the guards were we gave them the heads and they then led us into a chapel area where they were keeping the patients. There we met Winter Klazcka tenant to the Royal Accuser Omari. She told us we were in Briarstone Asylum and that a revolt happened four days ago led by a man named Ulverzandalus. After talking to Winter we were able to rearm ourselves.

We left the chapel to find a way out and after adventuring in the asylum for a while we found three men chained to a pipe all wearing yellow robes, one dead, one eating the dead one, and the last man huddling as far away from the second man as he could. We quickly killed the cannibal and then the man relaxed some. After interrogating him about who Zandalus was and what he did all he said was "Praise Zandalus","Zandalus sees", and "Words fail". We told him as long as he stayed quiet we would come back and let him go.

When we returned to the chapel we had brought the prisoner with us and locked him in a room to see if we could get anything out of him later. We told Winter what we had done and she the told us about a giant eye attached to a wall in one of the corridors hidden behind a curtain. We tried to burn it away but that did not work. The eye then asked who am I become? We brought the cultist to the eye and ask him who the eye sounded like. He did not know. Finally after channeling magic at the eye it proceeded to "Wink out of existence". The cultist ran through the opening in the wall and into the yellow mist.

We rested before moving on to explore the remainder of they asylum the next morning. (as best we could tell, with the yellow fog outside) From the main entrance near the double doors leading outside we moved on into the other wing of the building, advancing cautiously until we came in to a library filled with rotten books and the signs of an infestation of rats. The rats had dug tunnels through shelves and into the walls. It didn't take long for a swarm of rats to pour into the room, fearlessly approaching us and the lights we carried.

It turns out the rat swarm was being controlled by vile creatures that looked like large rats with somewhat human features. We struggled with the swarms until we were able to kill the creatures that led them. One of the creatures surrendered to us rather than being killed. She called herself Jenny two-tails and offered to provide answers about the rest of the building. We eventually let her leave and moved on, once again encountering signs of rats and yet another ratling creature capable of using magic. This one also surrendered to us and we questioned its knowledge of the asylum and the yellow fog. It told us a tale of an ancient old power known as Hastur that had found a way into the world long ago and was causing the yellow fog and dreams.

We moved on into another nightmare room where we found the remnants of some undead fetus-like creatures right out of a madman's dream. They fought like little savages after we discovered them in a closet filled with jars containing other pickled remains.

The next room of note contained the most important clue as to the cause of the strange happenings and the yellow fog. We found a woman, kneeling on the floor of the room, with her head titled back and a purple swirl of magical mist issuing forth from her mouth. We spoke amongst ourselves, discussing the options and finally realizing that she was somehow the link that was allowing the supernatural powers to access the world around us. We finally severed the link by putting her out of her suffering, but not before two of us had fallen into an unnatural sleep upon approaching her, and dreamed again of the city filled with yellow fog and the creature hunting us.

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