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This came up in a game where the players are getting close to mythic ascension. Lightning stance says if you take two actions to move in a round you gain concealment.

Would using an ability like fleet charge combined with a typical move action meet the conditions for this feat? I read it as taking two move actions to move, but I could be mistaken.

I welcome any feedback from the community!

It's mythic, go wild. Allowing it is not going to be any more powerful than anything else going on.

Rules wise, it should work, but there is scope for ambiguity.

It states two actions to move, not necessarily two move actions. so if you have a swift action that allows you to move your speed you would comfortably be fine. Lightning stance would activate.

Fleet charge isn't just a move though, it's a move and attack. So if you wanted to be pernickety then nope, it doesn't work. Not an argument I'd use, but a route to go if you wanted to stop it from working.

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