Throwing a Splash Weapon Over a Wall

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An alchemist wants to lob a bomb over a 20-ft wall. Core Rulebook says he can't see anyone on the other side, so they all have total cover, so he can't target any of them. He's okay with that, and has the explosive bombs discovery, so he's pretty likely to hit people with splash damage anyway.

Should I just treat this as an automatic miss, or let him roll to hit a grid intersection? Also, since the trajectory of the bomb would have to exceed 40 feet (20 feet up and down, plus a little for horizontal distance), putting the bomb in the third range increment, should I magnify how far off the bomb lands accordingly? Or since this is such a vertical throw, should I treat it as though it's in the first range increment?

Thanks in advance.

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He targets the square (AC 5).

It has cover so +4. If he misses use splash rules and apply damage accordingly. Even if he hits an occupied square the occupant only takes splash.

I would avoid using the trajectory distance as the rules arent well scripted for 3 dimensions. A 50' long throw would likely use a 45 degree angle so it would normally go up 25'... This leads to issues if the ceiling is only 20'...

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The grid intersection has total cover, 50% miss chance. Then you have to hit it, AC 5.
If either check fail, you roll for the scatter.

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