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I've known about Monte Cook's World of Darkness for years now, but never really bought it until I saw the PDF on sale yesterday at drivethru.rpg. So I bought it and got it. I have to say, I do love the basic concept, although kinda iffy on some of the rules and systems used. Like limiting the Lycanthropes to "Just Werewolves unless you take this specific Power that lets you change your Hybrid form into some other Species," which is kinda lame.

Although now I'm curious about the notion of a Pathfinder Modern game set in this world of unleashed horrors in a near post-apocalyptic world. I've got Races of Blood and Races of the Mood, so Dhampirs and Skinwalkers could be used to represent "Rogue" Vampires and Werewolves, with Tieflings for Rogue Demons. Use Bloodragers and Sorcerors with those races to represent "racial abilities", even. There's a guy on tumblr called "That Boomer Kid" who routinely posts awesome ideas for Modern-Dark Pathfinder builds and houserules that would also work great in such a setting.

I'm thinking an alternate take on the original setting concept, where instead of a single Intrusion Point, there are several across the globe. One in Japan, one in Central Europe, one in Africa, etc, right alongside the North-American one. Thus, the horrors of the Iconnu are a global threat, which is a great justification for busting Japanese Yokai or fighting horrific Boogiemen in German Forests. I'd also consider adding the Fair Folk as another kind of supernatural creature; specifically the darker twist on them. Although playable Half-Elf "Changelings" could be an interesting option for Characters.

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