[Interjection Games] Strange Magic 2 - Non-Vancian Magic Systems for 5e

5th Edition (And Beyond)

Strange Magic 2 - New Magic Systems for PFRPG and 5e

The sequel to the top-rated crunch book of 2015 is here, and, this time, it's also for 5e. Strange Magic 2 introduces 245+ pages of brand new magic systems, including druidic chaos magic centered on the random acquisition of plants, deckbuilding cartomancy magic, and traditional Japanese onmyodo translated to roleplaying with the mythology respectfully intact.

In addition to gorgeous black-and-white line art from artist Miguel Santos, Strange Magic 2 will feature dozens of genuine full-color watercolors (Shinhan watercolor on Arches watercolor block) painted by my dear mother, Vera Crouch, including three two-page spreads in the final product.

A 45-page preview document of extant Pathfinder rules for these magic systems is linked at the Kickstarter campaign itself.

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