[Tool] TOS FIVE for D&D 5th edition!

5th Edition (And Beyond)

[Tool] TOS FIVE for D&D 5th edition!

I am happy to announce the availability of TOS FIVE, a new powerful Character manager tool for players of the Dungeons & Dragon 5th edition game!

While based on the SRD, TOS FIVE is very customizable and allows for the import of additional data. Users can share classes, races etc... on the friendly community forum, which also serves as a base for Technical Support. TOS FIVE is easy to use, and allows for Dynamic Effects! (i.e. Type Haste on the Dashboard, and the effects of the Haste spell are automatically applied (in real time) to your Character!)

For more information about TOS FIVE visit http://TheOnlySheet.com

Happy Gaming... and 4th of July!


The TOS FIVE Tutorial video has been posted for those who wish to know how to use TOS FIVE.
It features the core worksheets and also has an example on how you can use TOS FIVE dynamically via the DashBoard worksheet!


TOS FIVE version 1.12 RELEASED!

The latest version of TOS FIVE has been released. Check the release notes for details about this update and all previous updates!

Happy Gaming!


I created a VIDEO showing how you can use a Tablet at your gaming table with TOS+/TOS FIVE... check it out!



Subraces creation made easy!
The ability to fetch an existing Race and plug it directly in the Custom Race area has been added in this update. This allows you to either tweak an existing race or to create a sub-race from an existing race. This will make creating these races much quicker.

Extra feature slot available!
The ability to define an extra feature (or more), which is perfect to support things like Supernatural Gifts, has been added in this update. To use the Extra Feature, visit the Customize worksheet and click on the Extra Feature link in the MISCELLANEOUS section.

* Added a Fetch Race button on the Race sheet

* Added the ability to define an Extra feature, which can be used to create "Supernatural Gifts" detailed in the DMG
* Added a new option check mark on the Control sheet: At startup, display version control. If unchecked, the Version Control window will not appear at startup unless a NEW version of TOS FIVE has been detected!
* In some cases, a Fighting Style can be enabled on the Dashboard. Added a note about this on the Customize worksheet
* Added the Trigger: Dragonborn Ancestry effect to allow custom Dragonborn races to trigger its ancestry selection

* The STR/DEX-Based Attack Rolls effect was not working for weapon slots 2 to 6
* Reduced the description of about 20 spells so they can fit the description on the Spell Planner
* Weapons with special damage were adding two plus sign in the damage section on the Front sheet
* The Cleric's Destroy Undead class feature was using "HD" (hit die) instead of Challenge Rating (CR) and it could go up to CR5 instead of CR4

The Only Sheet

Release Notes: v1.53.20

Everyone is upgraded to Expert!
The option to use TOS FIVE as an Expert user has been removed. Now, the Back sheet will always show what it can show, and the top will advise the user if any options still remain un-selected on the Customize sheet. The ability to see everything makes it easier to see which missing option is left to fulfill. Remember that any missing information is displayed using this format: ►example of Warning/Error text◄

Release Notes: v1.60.32

Support for Foundry VTT!
I am happy to report that I have created an Export function that will allow TOS FIVE users to Export their Character to the newly released Foundry virtual tabletop! The Control sheet has a new section to handle this. Obviously, You must own Foundry VTT to be able to use this new function. Foundry VTT is a pretty solid offering that was release less than a week ago and offers much for a virtual tabletop.

Check the Release Notes for all the details!

The Only Sheet

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