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So last session my group took on Kazmojen in Life's Bazaar. They came in across the arched bridge, through the side door. The party attempted to bluff their way in at first but it quickly deteriorated to combat. Prickles howled and brought down the rest of the hobgoblins (the barracks, hallway guards and forge guards) down on the party. It was a hard pressed battle but the party eventually pulled through. (Their reaction when the beholder showed up was one of the most fun moments I've ever had as a DM) After defeating the last of the hobgoblins, the party gathered up the children, sans Terrim, and the prisoners from the cell block and booked it back to the surface. Battered and beaten, they did not feel they could continue to explore the fortress. The group has stated that they want to rest to get back spells and HP.

Which brings me to my questions. What to do with the goblins in the forge and kitchen? And what of the remaining captives? I can see the goblins continuing their business for a little bit. But eventually one of them is going to see what happened to the hobgoblins. And when they discover the mountain of corpses I think they'd flee into the Underdark. Would they try to take the other slaves with them to sell/eat? Maple would probably try to fight....

Or does Gryffon just turn the whole place into Gryffon's Grill (franchise opportunities available!) and attempt his dream of being a cook in the Underdark?

The goblins could be dominated by Drakthar and make them part of his contingent that vandalizes the neighborhoods of Cauldron

I had a surviving goblin (that the party spared) that attempted to "fit in" with Cauldron. There was racism, but the party paladin took a great deal of time redeeming it. I could see one of the lower areas of Cauldron having a cheap place to eat run by goblins. It could set up interesting interactions with the town guard and would be interesting when evacuating the town later.

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