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Hopefully a simple question. I know that the Spheres of Power expanded options book has conversions for the hybrid classes, Warpriest included. As far as I remember (dont have access to it right now), the Warpriest keeps its Fervor ability, but it makes no mention of its ability to cast self buff spells as a Swift action. Was it intended for the SoP version of the Warpriest to be able to spend a use of its Fervor and use a self-targeted Sphere ability? Example, spend a use of Fervor to Swift action use the Alteration sphere's Shapeshift to alter your size and gain a couple natural attacks, then full round the closest enemy, assuming in range.

Only ask because I'm trying to make an Unarmed/close weapon using TWF build, and the Magus is my current base, swapping between Spell Combat to Alteration or Destruction and full round or TWF. However, the Warpriest gives me a lot of things I'd otherwise need to spend feats on/wait a few levels for, like higher armor proficiency, weapon focus, scaling fist damage, and bonus feats. If the Fervor ability works the way I'd expect, Warpriest is the way to go for me.

Also, sorry for double threads. Computer at work lagged out and made two.

In general any abilities that work with spells are supposed to work with sphere abilities so RAW you are good to go.

However one thing that spheres of power does not address directly is spell access. The GM is supposed to create casting traditions that may have potentially limited spheres for the campaign.

If they can't it isn't horrible to have all classes have access to all spheres as they end up being limited by talents known but still a little odd for all classes to be able to use all magic, particularly so for the divine classes. You need to check with your GM.

If I was GMing I would allow ferver with protection, life, and enhancement sphere abilities only.

EDIT: If you worship a nature deity I would allow a feat to extend ferver to alteration, that seems worth a feat.

Thats a fair enough assessment. I cant really remember if the Warpriest has its Sphere access somehow tied into the Blessings it chooses or not. I suppose, even if the GM decided that it wasn't allowed, the Warpriest would still be a solid class to use over the Magus for the other bonuses I'd get, but that swift action would be useful in those "oh crap" moments.

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