Star vs the Forces of Evil


So does anyone else watch this show?

Yes. I don't watch it religiously, but enjoy it when I notice it's on. The wackiness of it appeals to me quite a bit, especially the ridiculous effects she causes with the wand.

My favorite episodes are "Mewperty", "School Spirit", Pixtopia", "Quest Buy", and the season 1 finale.

I liked Mewberty as well, also Monster Arm, and Sleep Spells.

I saw the premier and knew it would be a fun series when it reminded me of a Changeling game.

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I should check it out.

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I thought the mewindependence day episode was good, I really did enjoy that Star is realizing that the history she thinks she knows is wrong. It looks like her people may have been the bad guys in the past.

Season 2 is supposed to start in late spring or summer of this year.

I just found out that the villain Toffee is voiced by the guy who played Dexter on the show "Dexter".

Season 2 starts July 11th, I can't wait.

So has any been watching the second season.

I can't wait for it to start back up after that little break.

I came in on this series begining of season 2 and then hunted down season 1

Gives me kind of a different view of Ludo I think. My first intro to him was Ludo in the wild. This sad broken thing who had lost everything and then built himself back up.

Then go backward to season 1 and seeing what a comical and useless villain he was.

It's facinating because Season 2 Ludo is a credible threat, and one that is getting stronger

Ludo in the wild is one of the greatest bits of animation I have ever seen. And I have seen Gundam.

Yeah, but I am sure Toffee is the one pulling the strings.

I like Star's Halloween costume as Ludo but interestingly has Toffee's tail incorporated into the costume.

So what are your favorite episodes so far?

Ludo in the Wild was probably the most facinating. Mewberty was pretty damn wierd

but I think Mewnipendance Day shows the most growth for Star. It really let her look outside of her box and realize the world isn't quite what she believes.

So far the truth or punishment sleepover episode is one of my favorites of season 2.

New episodes start early next month, looks like they are going to show all the remaining episodes of season 2 during that month.

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