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So one of my co-workers and I were talking about old games, mostly computer and console games like Modern Warfare, Halo, Star Craft, etc. and he had mentioned that one of the only fun board games he played growing up was this obscure game called Hero Quest. "Obscure?!" I shouted, because who didn't know or at least play this epic, amazing board game back in the late 80's / early 90's? It was a game like Dungeons and Dragons but not as convoluted (at the time) and was LOADS of fun for hours. I'd swear that game kept me from getting into actual trouble growing up.

As we were reminiscing about it, I tried to see how much one would go for on EBay or similar selling site. And, like all cool retro things, it cost a LOT of money. A used one with a scraped up box was at the least - $150.00 and new ones (what few were left) were in the $300+ range. I found one being produced for it's 25th anniversary, but that was it's own €110.00.

One thing I saw, however, was that a LOT of the miniatures were staple creatures of most D&D games. Skeletons, Orges, Orcs, goblins, etc. Having a pretty substantial amount of minis myself, I got to thinking....Can I just download the cards, adventures and rules, character sheets, and similar items on PDF and use D&D tiles/props?

I'm not sure of the legality of this or if it could properly be done? I could probably get more common minis like skeletons and orcs and stuff while using tokens in the mean time. Though there are things like props (doors, chests, tables, alchemy labs, etc.) that are one of the coolest parts of the game, making it "3D". Are there sites you can just buy these piece-meal?

basically I want to get Hero Quest going again but don't want to shell out over $150.00 for it.

Try Ye Olde Inn, and more generally its entry on BoardGameGeek.

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I think there was a kickstarter to bring HQ back last year or the year before. I think they ran into some legal issues though. Had to change the name or.....nevermind the project was canceled. While Ebay prices may seem outrageous, if you keep an eye out you will eventually find a copy for under 75 bucks.

Thanks! Yeah I'm bidding right now for a complete set for under $75, hopefully it doesn't get sniped. I saw a kickstarter for HeroQuest 25th anniversary in Europe, going for €110.00 but I think that's just too much.

I never played Heroquest myself when I was young. Now it's WAAAY to expensive.

I understand there are some games that are a LOT like Heroquest or take many elements of their play from it.

Mice & Mystics is one that I've heard is a lot like it mechanically (But it uses mice and cats and rats instead).

Also, Descent by FFG supposedly has many elements similar to Heroquest, but is more complex.

Finally, the new Warhammer Quest Adventure card Game, I understand also has elements of Heroqeust (more like HQ than Warhammer Quest from what one person told me), but without the board per se.

They seem to be much cheaper options. (supposedly the 25th anniversary thing someone is selling is unapproved and as such they changed the rules to the point that the only real similarities between it and the original HQ is that it has miniatures and shares the name).

Sovereign Court

IDK about way too expensive.... You can find a copy of HQ for less than Descent if you are willing to look around.

Most of the heroquest monsters are identical to the ones games workshop later mass marketed for another board less game.

I would think the board can be made fairly easily. The monsters are no problem, tables and chests, barrels and other dressing can be found in miniature town or railroad places.

The dice would have to be 3d printed or just modified d6's
They were attacks, shields, and monster shields on each die.

The hero sheets, treasure cards etc, could be printed reproduced

The blank dungeon page is probably free online somewhere!!!

Hero quest had two expansions as well a red box and a blue box.
I am still searching for those!!!!

Thanks for the suggestions. I found a pretty decent used one (only 1 open door missing) for $85 on eBay. Should be pretty easy to find a replacement door sometime down the road.

By the by...

Has anyone used alternative characters in their games for HeroQuest? As I delve more into the game and homebrews I've come across a LOT of different characters from Paladins to Assassins and Amazons and Bards, etc. Anyone use one or a few and see a difference in the game?

We used to house rule a druid. Similar to the elf, but he chose one card each of the four elements card, (the wizard got the rest) and he rolled the same attack as the elf we just called it scimitar.....

That meant of the four elements (3 cards each) total of 12
The druid had 4 cards instead of the three the elf had.
The wizard lost one card, but still had access to all four elements (so increased versatility).

It didn't mess up the game, because the wizard rarely burned through all his spells....

I would have to look in the box for the write up sheet.

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