Can't find this item


Hi all,

I have this weird character idea going through my head involving a monk/cleric entry into Red Mantis PrC with Crusader's Flurry. I was thinking of ways to make use of 1st-level channels and I swear there was an item somewhere that helped convert channels into ki points or something. I remember reading a thread about some ridiculous idea to use it with something else to make "infinite" ki. I just want to know what is was, but I can't remember it, and my efforts at google yield nothing.

Anyone know the item I'm thinking of?

The Bronze Gong?

It doesn't say you need to channel into it though, but I think that is how it works (spend a channel to charge it, then later you can use the gong for a ki point)

Ki mat.

The Bronze Gong seems like it! Didn't realize you had to worship Irori, though.

edit: the Meditation Crystal accomplishes the same thing for any deity for a cleric/monk. :)

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