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Similar to another recent thread, replace a Paizo class with a third party class that fills the same role or alters it's mechanics to fulfill a similar flavor.

For this assume that no other third party class or subsystem exists unless you replace a Paizo class. The replacing class brings with it any relevant feats and subsystems. And of course explain why you would make your replacement. Replacements happen on a 1 by 1 basis.

For me, I never really agreed with Rangers having spells so Kobold Press's Spell-less Ranger would replace the normal Ranger.

The Battle Lord from Liber Influxus Communis would probably replace the Cavalier. I generally hate classes where pets are mandatory and I believe that martials should not have finite resources the way that Challenge and Tactician has.

Also from Liber Influxus Communis, the Metamorph would probably replace the Sorcerer. The bloodline aspect of the class is very interesting but it's generally stuck on a 'hot wizard' chassis which I don't think is exactly needed and disallows you to really explore the whole monster-blooded angle.

Bloodrager would probably be replaced with Kobold Press' Battle Scion. Bloodrager is kind of an odd child as I'm hard pressed to really think of any books or other media that has an example of it. Battle Scion just seems more like an appropriate Full BAB arcane caster. Alternatively I could replace all the casters with Spheres of Power counterparts but there aren't enough of them to replace each of the casting classes.

Rogue would probably be replaced by the Scholar from Tripod Machine. Its not the same thing but it can fill all the roles that Slayer didn't steal only better.

I can probably think of more later.

That does make me wonder about a mounted specialist class to fill the knight in shining armor trope. The tactician aspect of the class is almost like an afterthought.

I wonder if Rite will ever put out a Secrets of Renegade Archetypes that replaces the required-pets of a number of 3pp classes.

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We actually did this before in house:

Druid = Ancient (Alt. Path Magic)
Rogue = Athlete (Alt. Path Melee)
Ranger = Brave (Heroes of the West)
Cavalier = Fencer (En Garde!)
Cavalier = Buck (Politics and Power)
Wizard = Gnostic (Alt. Path Magic)
Fighter = Martialist (Heroes of the East II)
Fighter = Skirmisher (Noble & Skirmisher)
Magus = Medjay (Medjay)
Magus = Wytchblade (Champions of Magic)
Barbarian = Thane (Alt. Path Melee)
Bard = Wandering Artist (Wandering Artist)

Kobold Press' Savant could probably replace the Pathfinder Chronicler, although that's a PrC.

TPK Games' Deductionist could probably replace the skillmonkey aspect of the Rogue.

Bard->Maestro (Interjection Games)
Cleric->Either Omnyji (Interjection) or Divine Channeler (Rite Publishing)
Druid->Either Omnyji (Interjection), Herbilist (Interjection), Medium (Purple Duck Games) or Animist (Interjection)
Fighter->Warder (Dreamscarred Press)
Monk->Stalker (DSP)
Ranger->Spell-less ranger (Kobold Press)
Rogue->Luckbringer (Rite)
Sorcerer->Bloodlord (Interjection) or...really an awful lot of classes could replace this one.

Sorcerer -> Illuminatus (Legendary Classes: Chaos Magic)

Purple Duck Games wrote:
Sorcerer -> Illuminatus (Legendary Classes: Chaos Magic)

Barbarian->Rune Reaper

Alchemist->Rune Caster

And, of course, the Medium (Legendary Classes: Covenent Magic) could replace the Medium (Occult Adventures). Or, it could, except the David Nicholas Ross Medium was there first, so it's not much of a replacement:)

While we're on the subject of classes with the same names,
Shaman (ACG) ->Shaman (New Paths Compendium).

Grand Lodge

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137ben wrote:

While we're on the subject of classes with the same names,
Shaman (ACG) ->Shaman (New Paths Compendium).

You forgot Paizo's own duplication. Shaman (Druid archetype, APG).

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