Some character art I've made!

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I'm sort of new here, and I guess you can't embed images, so links, links galore!!

This guy is an bladebound orc magus whom I played in the emerald spire campaign, I discovered half way through that maguses need to be holding a 1h weapon WHOOPS.

This little dude is a Grippli cleric I played in a friends campaign, mostly for the goofy racial feats they have.

STREET SHARKS :D!! Seascarred druid I played in the Reign of Winter campaign, after my first two characters died! (high casualty rate in RoW...)

I've got a bunch of others on my Deviant Art/ Tumblr, I'll probably update here too as I do more character art :D

Whoa, that's some impressive artwork right there. I especially like the Seascarred Druid.

Thanks, it's probably my favorite piece tbh.

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