BattleCon! (Cincinnati, Ohio) April 10-12, 2015

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There's a new convention in town: BattleCon!

We will be offering Pathfinder Society games as well as Pathfinder Adventure Card Games in Cincinnati, Ohio, from April 10-12 at the Eastgate Mall (4601 Eastgate Boulevard, Cincinnati, OH 45245) near the food court between Sears and Kohls. Hours of operation are: Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, and Sunday 8am-6pm.

The BattleCon Facebook Event page is:

The Warhorn page to sign-up to play and GM is:

As far as PFS GMs go, Saturday is completely full, but we still need GMs for Friday night and Sunday. If you want to GM a module or one of the newest scenarios, this convention is for you! Please sign-up on Warhorn today to reserve your seat!

Those who volunteer to GM for PFS will receive the Ifrit racial boon. For every slot you GM, you get to choose one of five other boons. GM all five slots and you get all five boons. GMs also get to choose one item from the Paizo swag box (which will include hardcover books, softcover books for this season, map tile packs, and flip-mats).

For PFS players, every chronicle sheet you earn at BattleCon gives you the opportunity to earn one of five random boons for Season Six. Bring your chronicle sheets to the HQ kiosk before you leave the convention on Sunday and you can roll my lucky d20 (yes, I actually have one). If you roll a 20, you win a random boon from Season Six by then rolling a d6 (1-5 wins you that boon from our prize folder, and on a 6 you get to hand-pick the boon you want). If you are also a PFS GameMaster with stars, bring your Pathfinder Society ID card showing your number of stars and you can add your stars to your roll. So, a 5-star GM wins a random boon on a roll of 16-20.

Every PFS player also gets to choose a Pathfinder Tales novel to take home with them.

We would also like to reward our newest PFS players. To celebrate the inaugural Core Campaign year, one PFS player per table participating in the Core-Rules-Only games will be gifted with a hardcover copy of the Core Rulebook for each Core-Only game at the convention. That means we will be giving away six Core Rulebooks for the weekend. Each Core Rulebook has an MSRP of $50. The player who receives each Core Rulebook will be at the overall table's discretion, but should go to someone who does not already own the hardcover book.

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