FG Con - over 20 PFS Sessions - Starts tomorrow Oct 17th!

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Available Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society Sessions for FG Con - starting tomorrow October 17th! These sessions all have room for 1 more player! Free to play - Bookings Essential - Dont miss out.

Beggars Pearl http://www.fg-con.com/events/pfs-37-the-beggars-pearl-1-7/
Citadel of Flame http://www.fg-con.com/events/pfs-39-the-citadel-of-flame-1-5/
The Confirmation http://www.fg-con.com/events/pfs-5-08-the-confirmation-2/
Paths We Choose http://www.fg-con.com/events/5-99-the-paths-we-choose/
My Enemy's Enemy http://www.fg-con.com/events/pfs-4-14-my-enemys-enemy-3-7/
Shipyard Rats http://www.fg-con.com/events/pathfinder-society-29-the-devil-we-know-part-i -shipyard-rats/
Master of the Fallen Fortress http://www.fg-con.com/events/master-of-the-fallen-fortress/
Rise of the Goblin Guild http://www.fg-con.com/events/pfs-4-01-rise-of-the-goblin-guild-1-5/
Trial by Machine http://www.fg-con.com/events/pfs-6-01-trial-by-machine-2/
Cassomirs Locker http://www.fg-con.com/events/pathfinder-society-30-the-devil-we-know-part-i i-cassomirs-locker/
Merchants Wake http://www.fg-con.com/events/pfs-5-21-the-merchants-wake-1-5/
Traitors Lodge http://www.fg-con.com/events/pfs-5-09-the-traitors-lodge-3-7/

Plus a couple of Intro Sessions - one for Fantasy Grounds GMs and the other for new Players.

Getting Started - Pathfinder GM http://www.fg-con.com/events/getting-started-pathfinder-gm-training/
Savage Worlds GM http://www.fg-con.com/events/so-you-want-to-be-a-savage-worlds-gm/
Pathfinder Character Creation + Demo Adventure - http://www.fg-con.com/events/pathfinder-character-

Curious? Using another VTT? Come and try it out!
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