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Administrator Rights Required for Patcher

The Patcher must be run by an Administrator or it will crash. After downloading and installing the Patcher, navigate to the folder you installed the Patcher in (by default this is \Program Files (x86)\Pathfinder Online). If you had the installer add a start menu entry or a desktop icon you may also right-click on either of those instead of navigating to the install directory. Right click on the Patcher application (or the Pathfinder Online icon) (not the Pathfinder Online application) and select "Run as administrator". If you don't see this option on the menu, you are not an Administrator and will need to have a user who is install the program for you.

This graphic shows you what you should see when running the Patcher for the first time.

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I don't think it should be allowed to launch a new client during Dr Who. Wasn't visiting here in the last hour ...

Thanks - downloading now. Moved to the router to avoid Wifi and get a faster download on my end. I hope it works that I can then copy the original download on memory stick for the other computer and only launch then.

Will report back if this works.

I installed it on 2 computers and didn't run as an admin on either. Not sure why it worked on mine. Windows 7 Home on both computers.

CEO, Goblinworks

If you don't install into the default folder it will probably work without Admin priviledges.

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Windows 7 with the UAC turned off just MIGHT work as well. Safer to run as administrator though.

Also any game you are likely to run from more than one windows login should always be installed outside program files.

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