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Hello, as a GM can i make a custom weapon that uses all the stats of another weapon, but looks different?
such as can i have a greatsword, with all the stats of a greatsword, but has a weird design?
or can i have something like the spiked chain weapon, but instead fo a single big long spiked chain, make it 2 smaller but still long chains one for each hand, but it still count in every way as one 2h weapon, only looking different?

For Society play, there is no re-skinning -- or making something like like something else.

So if you want a specific weapon, it has to look like the specific weapon -- i.e. the spike chain .. has to look like a spiked chain.

i was just posting here because i figured someone from the pathfinder society would have a def answer, i should have clarified this is purely home game with friends. just trying to make sure this isnt some earth shattering law

Ahh ... so society play has a few different guidelines than homebrew play. I've flagged this to have it moved to the rules forum where you'll get a much broader opinion and answer than you will in society play.

ok, i just wanted to create a unique type of npc for my players to meet and see. as a gladiator so how it looks is very important for gladiators

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Also flagged - but yeah, in a home game, go nuts. You're the GM, you make the rules.

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As GM, it is your world. Go for it!

Also flagged..

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Just make sure your players know how the weapon is mechanically treated. I know I would be irritated if I picked up a rope with spikes knotted into it and had no idea what sort of weapon to treat it as.

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You are the GM, more power to ya.

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This works best if you're not making your weapon look like a different weapon that already has published stats. For example, if you used Greatsword stats to simulate a Falchion, that'd be confusing.

The half-orc bard who's proficient with falchions but not greatswords wouldn't be allowed to use your "sword", but I bet the player would be unpleasantly surprised about that.

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