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I'm working on putting together a necromancer wizard, and as a method of casting Animate Dead without relying on material components I'm looking into the Experimental Wordcaster feat for the Undeath word of power.

However, the Word of Power system (while I think it could be AMAZING) is really, really confusing the crap out of me.

The EW feat adds all Target words (which I understand), one Effect word (in this case Undeath), and the Boost meta word (which I am uncertain how this would modify the Undeath word). Is that correct?

As the Undeath effect word is a 3rd level word, does that mean I can cast it as a 3rd level spell instead of 4th level, as Animate Dead is traditionally for Sorc/Wiz?

How does the Boost meta word work with Undeath?
It doesn't. Boost only works with certain effect words which have a specific Boost enhancement.

Can I cast it as a 3rd level spell?
Like a cleric or oracle, yep, you cast it as a 3rd level spell.

Also note that, unlike Animate Dead, there is no onyx gem cost for raising.

Grand, thank you. So for the purposes of this experiment, I can just forget the fact that I know the Boost meta word at all. Now, as further clarification, is there a limit to the Target words I can apply to Undeath? Also, can I make a wand of Power Word Undeath so as not to waste a daily spell slot on it?

i think a better clarification would be whether or not applying a fire effect word that deals 1d6 fire damage would allow you to create variant burning undead, and things of that nature. also important is whether or not these undead are under a different control pool than the animate dead spell. would a mystic theurge with experimental spellcaster feat gain the word of undeath on their arcane and divine class both from the single feat like they do metamagic feats? how does it interact with the feat undead mastery that gives four extra caster levels for the animate dead spell? the juju oracle mystery that gives 6hd per rather than 4? so far im thinking your theurge necromancer would have 4hd x cl on two classes from word of undeath, 4hd x cl+4 for your arcane animate, and 6hd x cl+4 from your juju animate.

The Undeath Word can only use the selected target word. This means there is a limit one target per casting unless you boost it (which increases it to a prohibitive 5th level spell). I would also mention that it's unclear whether the Undeath word of power can create variant undead like Fast Zombies and Bloody Skeletons.

how does it interact with the feat undead mastery that gives four extra caster levels for the animate dead spell?

No benefit; the undeath word does not specify that it works like animate dead, and thus any effect that specifically references the animate dead spell does not apply to it. This is also the same logic by which it has a separate HD cap from the regular animate dead spell; it's a completely separate ability that just happens to work roughly the same.

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