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Since Sean's no longer about nearly as much to make these statements, here's his usual link to his GenCon recommendations that he usually posts:

Sean's GenCon Tips

And I especially recommend taking your vitamins and/or some Airborne/Emergen-C. Should have sent this earlier but had a lot on my mind. =) Other people should speak up about past con experiences that they think might be useful for first timers.

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From my Gencon experience last year, I'd say the biggest thing is to plan to be feeling not so great for the first few days after you get back. It doesn't matter if you catch the Konkrud or not (which you probably will), you'll be so beat from the schedule that you wont' be productive for at least 1-2 days.

Agreed, although PaizoCon can be a bit less wearying than Gen Con - things do get quiet after midnight, for official events.

#1 Tip: Talk to Anyone! - Fan or CEO, everyone loves chatting (mindful of interrupting events and such of course)

#1, but read Sean's tips first - they're important.

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Drop in on a seminar if you have unexpected free time—they usually have space, and they're full of unexpected info.

Carry hand sanitizer, use it often, and share it freely!

Stay hydrated, and you won't feel as tired.

Walkable food options are limited, so the hotel restaurant can get pretty backed up. But! The hotel front desk has a sheaf of delivery menus.

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