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I have little experience with Magi in general, and can somebody give me any advice with suggestions as to stat build for PFS? Any help is appreciated.

Well, a lot of that depends on how you want to play the character. What are you looking to accomplish with the archetype combo, what's your projected play and fighting style? No resource I've found up right now really cover the unique abilities the card caster brings to the table, but the guide to the class guides has a few, really good articles of magi that might be helpful.

Well, as far as playing such a Magus, watch X-Men cartoons, take notes on Gambit, feel inspired.

For building such a Magus, I can't offer too much since I don't have the Harrow Handbook (yet).

Card Caster has some interesting support for ranged attacks. They get deadly dealer 1st level and can use the feat without using arcane strike as long as the magus has at least 1 arcane point in his pool and get the ability to spellstrike touch attacks through his cards. Take note, though, that spell combat might not work with throwing harrow cards because of how spell combat is written and that card caster didn't change it.

"can use the feat without using arcane strike as long as the magus has at least 1 arcane point in his pool"

That is VERY cool.

Any chance Card Caster is compatible with Myrmidarch (for Ranged Spellstrike)?

Staff Master and Myrmidarch work together, and I expect from the OP that Staff Master and Card Caster work together.

[edit]Duh, Spell Combat, not Spellstrike. Nothing to see carry on.[/edit]

yeah, staff magus has no overlap, and adds a bit to the gambit feel. It does throw me off a bit, since I'm not actually sure how much synergy there is, since... Harrowed Spellstrike, I believe is what it's called, only works with thrown projectiles, and changes the range of the spell to match your throw weapon's range increment (with I think is 20 ft, since deadly dealer turns cards into darts or harrow cards into +1 darts iirc). Personally, I'm really excited for this one since it lets me play a touhou character with ACTUAL SPELLCARDS! (or reference card captor sakura)

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The whole gambit feel was what I was going for, so far I've been inspired to make it because I picked up the Harrow Handbook at Origins earlier, and have started creating Carlos Fletcher, the Card Casting Elven Staff Magus.
Abilities (After Racial)
Str 14
Dex 16
Con 10
Int 16
Wis 14
Cha 8

I take it you plan on chucking cards mainly, but keeping your staff hand ready? One thing to check though it whether or not Deadly Dealer lets you draw cards like ammunition or if you need fast draw to pull them out as a free action. I'm pretty sure you don't need the feat, since it talks about treating decks as a stack of 54 pieces of ammo, but I've seen some posters talk about it, so you'll want to clear that up before issues arise. Personally, I think I'd flip the point investment in CON and WIS, just because you already have a good will save and I like having as much HP as possible, but your mileage may vary on that.

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Quick Draw. :P

And yeah, it mentions treating it as a ranged weapon and ammunition for enhancing it, but not for fighting with it.

And it says to treat them as darts, but there are two kinds of darts. One is ammunition, the other is not.

I think you wield them as the non-ammunition throwing weapon darts. So you would need Quick Draw.

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Need can't get it until at least 3rd level, Magus doesn't start with BAB+1

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