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Ok, downloaded python. Went to link with the files. Clicked extract and nothing happened...?

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*Right click on the zip folder and extract all. This should make a new folder with the same name.
*Go into that new folder and double click
*Once the script is finished installing the extra modules, double click NPC.pyw and that will run the calculators.

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Not the biggest update and didn't get done all I wanted, but overdue for a new version so here goes:


*Added very simple 'state matching' button to the rotation tab. It will show the states which your selection of 6 attacks cause and trigger on. (It assumes primaries only cause and secondaries only trigger on.)
*Updated data files.
*Average duration of secondary effects on convert stats tab now takes into account the fact that duration is 0 when the effect is reduced by 30%.
*Duration of secondary effects now also shows the odds of any non-zero duration and the average duration when it is applied (eg. averaged over all the non-zero durations).
*Multiple undocumented minor tweaks. Oops.

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*Fixed a minor bug with ability score displays on the training tab.
*Tweaked the parsing of ability scores when reading in feats/roles to handle cases where the score is all lowercase (eg. personality instead of Personality).
*Minor fix to achievements to also be case insensitive.
*Added a calendar to the training tab. Press the button to open the calendar to see when you will have the xp needed to train each feat. Simply mouse over any day which is blue in the calendar to see information for that day.
*Added a button to set your character's birthday (creation time). This is read in from birthdays.txt. Use the example format in that text file.
*If you don't know down to the second when your character was created mutters something about 'kids these days...', there is a button to figure that out based on the xp you've spent and the available xp you have (as shown on your character sheet). This button will automatically save to the birthdays.txt file and set your character's birthday based on this info.

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Too late to edit the above, but I should probably mention that if you don't set a PC birth date then it will default to assuming you are creating a new character and use the current time as the character's birthday/creation time.

The time->xp calculators should also use this birthday in their calculations.

Also, mousing over a 'white' date on the calendar will show nothing. Only blue days will have a mouseover as those are the days on which you will have enough xp to buy something on your training plan.

Roles will be included in the mouseovers and will be bolded. However, since you may gain multiple levels in a role at once (eg. going from Wizard 1 up to Wizard 3 by buying a given feat) not all levels will be shown. (In this case Wizard 1 and Wizard 3 would show, but Wizard 2 wouldn't.)

All times should be local times (or at least be based on what your computer is using as local time).

Has anyone other than myself had success using 'NPC' on a Mac? I'd like confirmation that the supplied procedure (found in 'NPC_overview.pdf') is working for others.

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Bumping with Windows install instructions as I'm working on getting the next version up and going:

0) There should be a downarrow at the top of the screen on my links. If you don't see it move your mouse up there and it'll appear. White on a black background. It'll show 'download' when you hover over it. Click it to download.

1) When it's done, find the folder NPC_v(number) and right click. 'Extract all' or unzip it however you normally unzip files. That'll produce an unzipped folder NPC_v(number).

2) You need to have python 3 installed for any version of these calculators. Can get it here. Make sure to grab version 3, not 2. (Obviously installing python is a once only thing.)

3) Go into the unzipped NPC_v(number) folder and double click This will install some extra stuff that is needed for the calculators. Again, this is a once only thing until I add more requirements to the calculators.

4) In the unzipped NPC_v(number) folder double click on NPC.pyw. (There is an NPC.ico, so make sure you're clicking on the correct one!) This starts the calculators.

Steps 0, 1, and 4 are all you'll need to do when a new version is released. If those don't work, try repeating step 3.

Henrik has got it working in Mac. His modification to the above is included in the pdf file in the NPC_v(number) folder.

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I'm having Nihimon add a document to his public share info. The document will include the above instructions and links to various versions.

Quick update: there are 9 'reader' files which read in the dev spreadsheets and I have 5 (edit: 6 7 8) of them working with the new formats. Once all 9 are working the calculators should function again and be up to date.

Also, apologies to Hedrik for the typo above!

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Nightdrifter wrote:
I'm having Nihimon add a document to his public share info. The document will include the above instructions and links to various versions.

Added :)

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Thanks, Nightdrifter and Nihimon. That link to the public share info is invaluable.

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A (not extensively tested) up to date version is now available:


Alternatively, you can just look at Nihimon's public shared data and open the google doc I have there to get the latest link and install instructions.

The only functionality change I am aware of is that reactives got merged into defensives on the wiki tab.

Please let me know if you run into any bugs!

Edit: Something screwy is causing some major keywords to not be matched in the wiki tab. Not going to fix it tonight, but something to be aware of if using the keyword matching features.

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The "fighter" role info button is broked. The other roles popup info correctly.

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Thanks Guurzak! Will try to fix for v68.

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*Updated dev spreadsheets.
*Fixed a bug where the new format of fighter ability scores was causing the fighter message window to crash.
*Fixed a bug where the new format of armor and weapon keywords was causing minor keywords to not be matched on the wiki tab.
*Fixed a bug where the calculation of a character's birth time was incorrect.
*Changed the default PC birthdate to the start of EE. Note that this is in PST whereas times used on the calculators are all otherwise local time.
*Free Recipes and Trainable Recipes on the Training tab should now properly reflect being free or trainable. (Previously they were simply sorted into common/uncommon).

NOTE: For those that find it tedious to run back and forth between crafting stations and the AH when trying to determine which recipes to buy, try the following:
-open up Trainable Recipes
-use the 'Save as csv file' button on the bottom
-go into the saved_files folder and look for Trainable_Recipes
-you can open this file in a spreadsheet and keep track of your known recipes

If anyone can suggest an improvement to the above method please let me know!

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*Added a gear tab. This allows you to mock equip various pieces of gear and determine which keywords apply to your utilities. You can also search for gear based on their keywords. This tab is a work in progress and will hopefully (time frame tbd) eventually become a mock paperdoll for determining your stats.
*Adjusted crafting bonus calculation on the crafting tab based on info from Stephen. Since the tier of a given component isn't available in the spreadsheets I find that tier by looking at the lowest tier recipe that the given component appears in. Eg. tier 3 components only appear in tier 3 recipes while tier 1 components can appear in any tier of recipe.

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*New data
*Tweaked role logic to deal with the new fighter ability score changes (ie. strength or dex). This isn't well tested, so please let me know if the logic doesn't work right (including details).
*Fixed a bug where the second (and likely third) level of clothing and light armor proficiency were being considered as free feats when being read in from a training plan.
*Improved the logic of searches on the rotation tab. Hover over the 'Find General Effect' button for details. I am considering having more mouseovers to explain features, but need feedback on whether the mouseovers block the button usability, so this is a prototype.
*The reputation tab is now up to date with 30 rep/hour. Got rid of obsolete rep scaling parameters.
*Added percentage of max damage to convert stats tab.
*Added "Features for trained expendables" button to training tab. This uses the wiki tab functionality to allow you to find appropriate role features for your trained expendables. It won't do anything if you don't have any trained expendables.
*Added "Appropriate expendables" button to training tab. This uses the wiki tab functionality to allow you to find appropriate expendables for your trained role features. It won't do anything if you don't have any trained role features. It will only suggest expendables up to level 3/6/9, depending upon your trained level in the appropriate implement proficiency.
*Added "Appropriate armor" button to training tab. This uses the wiki tab functionality to allow you to find appropriate armor (gear) for your trained armor feats. It won't do anything if you don't have any trained armor feats. It will only suggest gear up to the tier for which you have the highest armor proficiency. Eg. if you have Clothing Armor Proficiency 2 and Light Armor Proficiency 1 then it will include all armor up to and including tier 2. This isn't perfect, but is a low priority to improve upon
*You can set the minimum number of matched keywords, just like on the wiki tab.

(Essentially this is largely moving wiki tab functionality onto the training tab for convenience.)

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Been busy and can't make any commitments at the moment, but wanted to check to see how many people are using the calculators. There are a few things that are out of date (mostly due to changes in format of the dev spreadsheets). If it's just a couple of people I may not bother, but if they're widely used I might update them.

So for those that use them, a quick informal poll:
*what tabs do you use/never use?
*are there tabs whose functionality isn't clear?
*what improvements would you like to see? Bear in mind that some like "quickest way to train up to X" are highly nontrivial to program. In the short term I'll likely prioritize by what's easiest to code.

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Got a few responses on the gw forums, so have updated them.


*Minor changes to calculator tab.
*Behind the scenes changes to due to crafting and refining sheets using slightly different formats.
*Updated dev spreadsheets (ie. up to date input data).
*Renamed rotation tab 'effect lookup' and training tab to training planner.
*Searches by effects on the effect lookup tab now show more information on the given attack/expendable.

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