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I can't believe there's no thread for this movie.

Just saw it tonight. WOW!

I went in expecting a let down. Very, very pleasantly surprised.

Go see it now, while it's still in theatres. You will not regret the cost of admission.

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No-one has seen this movie?

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I saw it. While impressive, I can't recommend it do to the hard facts that are wrong about the movie.

Its is being pitched as an accurate depiction of what could be a disaster in space. When you are trying to be accurate, you need to get your facts right.

I did'nt want this thread to get negative.

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I saw it. I thought it was fabulous. Stunning and gripping and touching.

Also, I can't help but notice a certain irony in saying "I can't recommend it do to..." alongside "When you are trying to be accurate, you need to get your facts right."

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Like the great Dr Tyson said, it's factually as accurate as can reasonably be expected in a dramatic spectacle. It's not nonfiction; enjoy it for its own sake. If NDT can enjoy it, despite its technical flaws, anyone can.

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