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It has come to my attention that there is a growing problem of "Custom" chronicle sheets from a couple of online communities that have become problematic.

What has been happening is people are taking current season 5 chronicle sheets and blanking out the scenario name, items, boons, etc. to make a blank season 5 chronicle sheet, for example.

They are then taking older season (0-3) chronicle data and manually adding it back to the season 5 template, digitally leaving out items that are not gained or from a different/higher tier.

The problem is made worse because occasionally, people are adding wrong items, incorrect prices for items, boons that are from the wrong tier, et cetera. It is becoming quite the mess.

The problem gets worse when one group uses a season 4 template and one group uses a season 5 template, and they are using custom naming and fonts, and and look completely different from each other. So, online GMs are now seeing a single scenario with chronicle sheets that look totally different, depending on what GM issues them. This obviously makes it hard to audit sheets and becomes doubly so when there is erroneous data on the sheets. This causes conflict between the player and the GM because they think they are entitled to an item that they are not supposed to have, or an item that is cheaper than it should be, or they have no limit to that item instead of "limit of 3" for example.

Custom Chronicle sheets have never been authorized for online play. If it continues, we will hold an internal discussion about canceling online play altogether. Please do not force us to make that tough decision.

From this point forward, any form of custom Chronicle sheet is illegal. If someone shows up at a convention or other physical game day, and bring these custom chronicle sheets, they are not legal and the GM has the right to refuse them a seat. The only options remaining for that player is to use a pregen since custom chronicle sheets aren't legal and therefore their character isn't legal, or simply not play.

If you have a custom Chronicle sheet, you need to make every attempt to contact the GM or a local VO, or one of the online VOs, to have your custom Chronicle sheet replaced.

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