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Liberty's Edge 4/5

It is my understanding that GMs and Players can rerun/replay these starter games as long as they apply them to a new character each time.
Is this not correct?
This issue has been occurring in my reporting right along.. but it only happened in 1 game so I assumed it was a glitch. Now it is happening in pretty much all the starter games I've rerun.. so I'm confused. Here is an example of the reporting error:


Player has already run scenario at session # 1 of event # 8822 We Be Goblins! on FGVT on November 04, 2011.

GM ranking: +2

We Be Goblins! is a Tier 1-2 module so it should legal for rerunning/replaying. What's the issue here?

Is it a glitch or do you actually not get GM credit for rerunning these?


It's fine. The reporting system ... has some issues.

Grand Lodge 1/5

I have reported issues for multiple plays of First Steps games I have have in my record. I think it will be fixed post Gencon but in the meantime its re-assuring that I am not the only one having this issue.

Grand Lodge 2/5

I was going to write a follow up to an email in regards to this exact situation, but decided to wait until post gencon.

Liberty's Edge 4/5

Is anything being done about this issue?

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