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I'm running this tonight, and looking forward to it - this one seems to have good atmosphere. I just wish I had control of the lighting in the gaming store (and a fog machine). A couple of questions, though:

I may have missed it somewhere, but do the mists in the Blakros Museum extend from floor to ceiling? I know that in the offices it says

Scenario text wrote:
The mist here rolls near the floor and ceiling, creating a strange patch of visibility stretching from knee-height to a few feet overhead.

To me this suggests that elsewhere, the mist permeates each chamber entirely.

Also, does the mist create concealment beyond 5 feet, like the obscuring mist spell?

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There's no concealment from the mist for the most part, with the exception of the room you quoted. Elsewhere, it's just on the floor up to about knee height. When a PC enters a misty room for the first time I describe the mist reacting to their presence by coiling up around them and trying to enter their mouth/nose. There are discussions of this scenario elsewhere on the GM Discussion forum, you just need to search for them since the scenario is so old.

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I like that description - thanks!

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When running this, I emphasize the mists' unnatural behavior. The mists roil and shift near the floor, with strange columns of mist rising up and meandering across the ceiling like searching tendrils. In the Hall of the Ancient Dead, the mists coil around the remains on display, seeming to embrace and caress them.

If you have time, make handouts for your players (described in one of the previous threads). This makes it easier for them to assess the effects on their characters.

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