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You’re not from here. As part of the crew, you’re just passing through. You came in late, had some scraps of dinner, had a drink or something, then went to bed. That next morning was chaos. Sometime in the night, the rest of the town went wild. People were tearing each other limb from limb, destroying the city, setting fire to carts in the market. Utter chaos. Somehow, you—and the entire third floor of the inn—remained unaffected. Are you willing to find the cause of such brutal disorder? Can you and the only sane people around figure out what’s causing this commotion? Will you survive long enough to get back on that ship and sail home?

I see that my game Terror at Tidewater Tavern is full. Who dared to sign up for the Terror?

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What to expect: The plan at the moment is to provide 10 pregens for the players to choose from. All of you happened to stay on the same floor of the Turnwater Tavern Inn, and for some reason y'all weren't affected by whatever it is that's affecting the city.
The adventure is an open-ended survival game. The PCs are the only people in a city that has gone completely mad. There are ten pregens and five players for a reason. Each player will actually pick two pregens with the second one acting as a backup in case anything happens to the primary. Characters will have to be creative with few resources.

I'll bring the extra pencils and a big bag of communal dice in case anyone rolls up to the table empty handed.
Here's a rough unfinished map of Turnwater

So, who got this event in the lottery? I'm curious to see who my players are.

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Through other channels I've found out who two of the players in this game are. Who else?

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Adam Daigle wrote:

I think you scared them all away...:-)

I would be lying if I said I was...

Any game that starts with Terror, has to be...interesting..

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